2000 Toyota Tundra how to replace wheel bearings


Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
2000 Toyota Tundra V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I need instructions on replacing the wheel bearings on my 2000 tundra

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1. Remove the wheel.
2. Remove the grease cap.
3. On 4wd, remove the cotter pin and lock cap. Apply the brakes and remove the locknut.
4. Remove the ABS sensor harness from the knuckle.
5. Remove the caliper and rotor.
6. Remove the strut.
7. Remove the 4 bolts and disconnect the lower ball joint.
8. Remove the cotter pin and nut and remove the knuckle.

To install:

1. With 4wd, insert the halfshaft into the hub and temporarily tighten the nut.
2. Connect the steering knuckle to the upper arm.
3. Install the nut, torque it to 77 ft. Lbs. (105 Nm) and install a new cotter pin. If the hole doesn-t line up, tighten the nut up to 60 degrees more.
4. Connect the lower ball joint to the knuckle. Torque the bolts to 59 ft. Lbs. (80 Nm).
5. Install the strut.
6. Install the caliper.
7. Attach the brake line clamp to the knuckle.
8. Connect the ABS wiring.
9. With 4wd, install the driveshaft locknut. Torque to 173 ft. Lbs. (235 Nm). Install the lock cap and a new cotter pin. If the hole doesn-t align, tighten the nut up to an additional 60 degrees.
10. Install the grease cap.
11. Install the wheel.
12. Pump the brake a few times before driving.
13. Check the alignment.


1. Mount the knuckle in a soft-jawed vise.
2. With 2wd, remove the grease cap; with 4wd, remove the inner oil seal.
3. With 2wd, remove the locknut and ABS speed sensor rotor.
4. Remove the 4 bolts and shift the dust cover towards the hub.
5. Remove the hub from the knuckle with a puller.
6. Remove the outer seal.
7. Remove the snapring and press out the bearing.

To assemble:

1. Press a new bearing into place.
2. Install a new snapring.
3. Drive a new outer seal into place. Coat the seal lip with MP grease.
4. Press the hub onto the knuckle. Torque the bolts to 13 ft. Lbs. (18 Nm).
5. Install the speed sensor rotor or spacer.
6. With 2wd, install a new locknut. Torque to 203 ft. Lbs. (Nm). Stake the nut.
7. With 4wd, install the bearing spacer using a driver.
8. With 2wd, install the grease cap.
9. With 4wd, install a new inner oil seal using a seal driver. Coat the seal lip with MP grease.

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