About Us

The 2CarPros website was conceptualized in 1999 in order to help people with their car repair problems. Since then 2CarPros has grown from 2 online mechanics to a community with a collective expertise unsurpassed by most free online services. Today users are welcome to browse answered questions or sign up and to ask their own question. Our experts will promptly answer you back with advice, repair guides, videos, wiring diagrams and component locations. The only thing we ask for is you to continue with the thread until a conclusion is reached, this helps others with the same problem.


The 2CarPros project is funded by Google AdSense.


Like many internet start up's we began our company in the garage of a house in San Juan Capistrano, California. Born from an automotive family Bob led the way by teaching his son Kenny trade basics along with many subtle nuances of electrical and mechanical theory which are now being passed down to the next generation.


Only the best, we interview and screen mechanics that must meet our criteria, a combination of certifications, expertise, experience and compatibility.


CEO - Kenneth Lavacot - Has been self employed for over 30 years and is experienced in web based business operations as well as retail automotive service operations. As one of the founders of the massive automotive repair information site 2CarPros.com in 1999, Ken has firsthand experience in creating and maintaining a high traffic site with over 12 million visitors annually.

CTO - Maximiliam Andersen - Highly educated in computer and internet technologies. In 1999 Max founded a major web hosting company and since then has been involved with many web based projects including the creation of the MaxBrain™ software, a logic driven CMS which powers 2CarPros.

COO - Renee Lavacot - A graduate at FIDM is skilled in sales, marketing, customer relations and office management. Renee is an integral part of the companies B2B and B2C networking and has managed 2CarPros.com since 2015 developing her personal relationship skills by providing unparalleled customer service to the one million members and our expert staff achieving a smooth functioning resource rich website.

Expert Manager - Joseph Feliciani – Is a Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a master’s degree from St. Vincent College and is also a graduate of Eastern Westmoreland CTC / Advanced Automotive, GM Training Course and is certified by the Dana Corporation as engine and overhaul expert. Additionally Joseph is ASE certified and has over 40 years of automotive hands-on experience while managing multiple nationwide fleets including the Xerox/LMV Corporation. Ford and Chrysler buyer responsible for ordering and tracking production including organizing body uplifts and delivery operations.

Joseph extended his experience with a five year career as a technology EWCTC English and Communications teacher and 22 years in the public education system for Literature and Secondary Level Writing; he also has training in the Pennsylvania Certifications and License Office for state safety and emission sectors. Joseph joined the 2CarPros team in 2008 as an Expert where he has assisted tens of thousands of members in repairing their vehicles before being promoted to Expert Manager. In this new role he is responsible for recruiting, training, and managing the team of experts as well as assisting with website upgrades.


It’s July 1975, a farewell party was winding down at IMS (International Medication Systems) as Bob was praised and honored for his valuable contributions to the company. Bob has a natural talent for understanding conceptual mechanics and is responsible for creating the first incremental time release intravenous medication machine. As Bob leaves the company he helped build, a sigh of relief overwhelms him which was quickly replaced by excitement while thinking about the new journey he was about to embark upon.

Bob had just purchased a 76 gas station and was ready to start his new business in car repair. (Back then car repair was a part of the gas station business.) Bob's wife, Carol would bring three of their four kids down to help with the new family business by pumping gas, checking oil and washing windshields. As word spread about Bob's honest reputation, work levels quickly rose. One of Bob's son's Kenny exhibited an extraordinary talent for car repair and as a junior in high school was enrolled in Tech2 auto shop classes.

Through the next several years Bob would teach Kenny not only basic car services, but also many of the subtle nuances associated with electrical and mechanical theory. Together in 1985 they relocated their business to a larger building in an upscale part of the city. Soon after, computer technology started becoming more apparent in the automobile industry which was primarily used to control exhaust emissions.

Ken continued his education by attending Fullerton College, ACDelco, ASE, Snap On, and Ford training classes. Bob and Ken continued to work together until Bob's retirement in 1988. Following in Bob's footsteps of helping people no matter what the cost, Ken grew the company to include four additional mechanics and was considered one of the finest garages in the area. In the late 90’s the internet began its momentum of changing the world, Bob's wife Carol suggested building a website that encompassed Bob and Ken's knowledge, talent and integrity, to help people understand their car troubles without the addenda of financial gain.

In 1999 their vision was realized and 2CarPros.com was born. The website utilized a simple text box for users to ask their car repair questions. Input was sparse at first, but as answers to the questions were posted their audience grew. While Ken was still working his day job at the garage the 2CarPros question load soon consumed both Bob's and Ken's free time. Both a labor of love and the "good feeling" that was associated with helping people they soon reached exhaustion.

They had no way of helping the volume of people asking questions, and then Google AdSense was created. This intuitive ad serving platform was the answer to their prayers and once implemented the website began to generate revenue. Ken was soon inviting other certified car repair technicians to join their cause. Having ties into the internet world Ken was fortunate enough to meet Maximiliam a bright young star from Sweden who has created several successful startups such as Lunarpages web hosting in the early 2000’s and after selling his share in the company he started and sold Bredbandsson which is an ISP technology company who has thousands of customers and is still growing today.

Ken and Max joined forces to create a logic driven CMS which incorporates Ken’s vast car repair knowledge (35 Year master mechanic and author) and Max’s savvy internet skills that has driven 2CarPros. Now Max, Ken and his wife Renee, Chris and Ryan (Ken and Renee’s sons) manage the website while creating additional repair video’s and articles ranging from how to change your oil to how to replace an air conditioner compressor, a bare bones approach acknowledging that slow careful growth is the key to survival on the internet.

Today 2CarPros is a rare company that truly understands the complexity of the internet evolution while surviving through its many twists and turns. HELPING OUR YOUTH Unfortunately most high schools have been systematically removing auto shop classes in favor of higher pay for teachers and administration officials. This move has been making it difficult for hands-on learners that would normally become mechanics to fit into society. The 2CarPros site is geared toward these natural knack students and gives them an option to learn car repair.

With the information available on 2CarPros they are more able to get an entry level job and with our professional guidance from our online mechanics advance their own knowledge to grow in this field. On Craig’s list, in every state, there is urgency for new mechanics, and the demand keeps growing due to the lack of training at the entry level. When Kenny was 16 the high school auto shop was where he spent most of his time. He had an additional advantage by having a dad that took him under his wing.2Carpros will be this wing and bridge this gap which students desperately need to help them fit into a profession they can be proud of.


Soon delivered to your phone will be not only the trouble codes but how to fix the problem step by step right from an APP ushering in a new generation of DIYers. Inexpensive CAN scanners and programmers are enabling the DIY community to dive deeper into the computing side more than ever before, and it will get even easier. It is our duty to connect the future of the world with the requirements of the next generation. Only succeeding drives confidence to explore further, facilitating growth. It can’t be a corporation or old people telling the young what to do, it must be the young, the neighbor guys, comfortable. People need to see others (like them) that have done it first giving them confidence to do the work, 2CarPros.com and 2CarPros Youtube Channel does just that.