About Us

The 2CarPros website was conceptualized in 1999 in order to help people with their car repair problems. Since then 2CarPros has grown from 2 online mechanics to a community with a collective expertise unsurpassed by most free online services. (We never ask for a credit card)

Today users are welcome to browse over 1 million answered questions or sign up and to ask their own question. Our experts will promptly answer you back with advice, repair guides, videos, wiring diagrams and component locations. The only thing we ask for is you to continue with the thread until a conclusion is reached, this helps others with the same problem.

Why Free?

We create internet web pages capable of displaying ads from major and minor companies which fund the project.

Where it Started?

Like many internet start up's we began our company in the garage of a house in San Juan Capistrano, California. Born from an automotive family Bob led the way by teaching his son Kenny trade basics along with many subtle nuances of electrical and mechanical theory which are now being passed down to the next generation.

Our Success

Only the best, we interview and screen mechanics that must meet our criteria, a combination of certifications, expertise, experience and compatibility.

Our Team

CEO - Kenneth Lavacot - Has been self employed for over 30 years and is experienced in web based business operations as well as retail automotive service operations. As one of the founders of the massive automotive repair information site 2CarPros.com in 1999, Ken has firsthand experience in creating and maintaining a high traffic site with over 12 million visitors annually.

CTO - Maximiliam Andersen - Highly educated in computer and internet technologies. In 1999 Max founded a major web hosting company and since then has been involved with many web based projects including the creation of the MaxBrain™ software, a logic driven CMS which powers 2CarPros.

COO - Renee Lavacot - A graduate at FIDM is skilled in sales, marketing, customer relations and office management. Renee is an integral part of the companies B2B and B2C networking and has managed 2CarPros.com since 2015 developing her personal relationship skills by providing unparalleled customer service to the one million members and our expert staff achieving a smooth functioning resource rich website.

Expert Manager - Kenny Kase - A graduate of Penn College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Automotive Technology Management. He then began working for FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in 2007 as a Technical Advisor. In addition to working for FCA, he joined the 2CarPros team in 2019 as an Expert where he assisted thousands of members in repairing their vehicles before being promoted to Expert Manager. In this role he is responsible for recruiting, training, and managing the team of experts as well as assisting with website upgrades while improving website content quality.