2002 Toyota Tundra Changing a bearing

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 14,000 MILES
How do I change the rear wheel bearing on my Toyota pickup? I already bought one and I just want to know what I'm going to need and what I have to do.
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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 AT 10:29 AM

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Remove the rear wheel, and rear brakes.
If equipped, remove the Antilock Brake Sensor (ABS) from the rear axle assembly.
Disconnect the brake line and parking brake cable.
Remove the four backing plate mounting nuts and pull the axle shaft from the housing.
Remove the bearing retainer and antilock brake sensor rotor (differential side) by threading a nut over the bolts and lightly tapping with a hammer.

Do NOT reuse the nuts removed from the vehicle.

Grind the ABS sensor retainer and rotor surfaces, and then chisel them out.
Place washers and four new nuts over the serration bolts and tighten the bolts to install the serration bolts to the backing plate.
Remove the four bolts from the serration bolts.
Remove the snapring.
Remove the axle shaft from the backing plate.
A special service tool (SST part number 09521-25011) will be needed to remove the rear axle shaft and bearing retainer from the backing plate. After the axle is removed, disconnect the service tool.
Remove the outer oil seal.
Remove the rear axle bearing.
Remove the inner oil seal

To install:

Install the inner oil seal with the proper seal driver.
Install the rear axle bearing and outer seal.
Place the axle shaft and a new bearing retainer into the backing plate.
Replace the snapring.
Bleed the braking system and check for leaks.
Install a new ABS speed sensor rotor and retainer (differential side).
Replace the rear axle shaft assembly.
Connect brake line and parking brake cable.
Install the ABS sensor into the rear axle housing.
Install the rear brake assembly.
Replace the brake drum and rear wheel.
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