How to Replace Wheel Bearing Hubs

Before you begin, park your car on level ground with the transmission in park. You will need to raise up your car with a floor jack and secure it using jack stands for safety and then remove and reinstall the wheel. Remember safety first. Never get under the vehicle unless jack stands are in place. We want you to use safety as a normal practice anytime repairs need to be done as you learn automotive repair.

The brake caliper will need to be removed along with the caliper mount and the brake pads.

If you are not replacing the brake pads then you don't need to open the bleeder or push the piston back into the caliper for this job.

Step 1

Remove Bearing Hub Mounting Bolts

If the vehicle is equipped with ABS it will have a wheel speed sensor which will need to be disconnected before removing the bearing hub. Once this has been done locate and remove all axle bearing hub mounting bolts which is located behind the spindle. The hub will become loose. The bolts size is 15mm, 17mm and 18mm in most cases and will be fairly tight so be ready. Position the wrench or ratchet to push downward to loosen. If you are lifting upward it can hurt your back which is no fun especially when you have the reminder of the job to do.

remove axle bearing hub mounintg bolts

Step 2

Match the New Bearing Hub

Once the old bearing has been removed, match the old bearing assemble to the new unit to ensure a proper installation. Always use a top quality factory (AC Delco, Ford, Chrysler) replacement parts because these bearings have added strain on them especially when you have large tires on the vehicle. The bearing below has an ABS sensor included.

new axle bearing hub

Step 3

Installing the New Bearing Hub

While holding the new axle bearing hub, install the mounting bolts by hand to avoid cross threading.

reinstall axle bearing hub mounting bolts

Then, tighten evenly in a star pattern to manufacturers specifications (70-85 ft pounds). These bolts can be installed with thread lock for added protection against loosening. Reconnect the ABS wiring connector and reassemble the remainder of the job as described in the linked repairs above.

tighten bearing hub bolts

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