Steering angle sensor issue or wheel speed sensor issue?

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Whenever I accelerate into a turn right or left my car jerks like the transmission jumps out and my ABS and Traction control lights come on. It does not do it while driving or accelerating straight only when turning. In the past year I have had the rack replaced, both CV axles replaced, and both wheel bearings replaced. Before I replaced the CV axles it was only doing it on left turns but after it is doing it on both sides now. What else could be causing this issue? Also, I had my transmission rebuilt about three years ago.
Monday, June 5th, 2017 AT 6:22 AM

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More than likely this is a wheel speed sensor issue. It could be a steering angle sensor but those are more rare when they fail.

The way to test this is with a scan tool and monitoring each of the wheels as you drive forward and then turning. You should see them change as the outer wheels will be traveling faster than the inner wheels. If they are off then the ABS will think the vehicle is in a skid and apply the ABS. If they seem to be operating correctly then we need to monitor the steering angle sensor.

When you are driving straight the angle sensor should be around 0 degrees. Then as you turn the sensor should increase and degrease in steady increments. If it jumps or is off then the ABS will activate as well because it is not corresponding with what it expects based on wheel speeds.

Here are a couple guides that will help with testing the wheel speed sensors:

Below is the process from the manual on the wheel speed sensors and the steering angle sensor. If you don't have a scan tool, I would check each speed sensor using the guide above and if they all check out, replace the steering angle sensor.

Please let us know if you have other questions.

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