How to Replace an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

If after testing the wheel sensors or if you have scanned the ABS computer and get a trouble code the sensor is either unplugged or it has shorted out and needs replacement.

These sensors are not too difficult to replace and will take you about an hour and the part will cost between $35 and $210 depending on the sensor. To find the sensor you will need check on Amazon or visit the car dealer or local parts store.

Some sensors can be removed separately while others are integrated into the wheel bearing hub assembly which is what we have shown in this video.

Please watch the video below to give you an idea what you are in for, and then continue down the guide to gain additional tips and information.

Before You Begin

Start once you have determined you are going to fix the problem, park the car on level ground with the transmission in park and the emergency brake set and the engine turned off.

You will need to jack the car up to remove a tire or replace a control module and we prefer you learn how to do it correctly.

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Through this guide you will need to remove a tire for part replacement purposes.

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The brake caliper and brake pads will need to be removed when replacing a wheel speed sensor.

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The tools, equipment and supplies seen in the article along with additional information using specific repair manuals are available at the end of this guide.

Step 1: Indentify the Wheel Speed Sensor

This sensor simply bolts into the rear of the spindle and easily disconnects from the wiring harness near the frame.

abs wheel speed sensor

Here is a sensor after the rotor and caliper has been removed. Be sure to inspect which style of sensor configuration your car has before beginning the job.

abs wheel sensor

Use a socket or wrench to remove the sensor mounting bolt which can be an Allen, hex or torx head bolt. These bolt sizes are usually 10mm, 11mm, 25 torx or 8mm Allen head. After the mounting bolt has been removed grasp the sensor to remove it from the bearing hub or spindle.

While the sensor is removed inspect the stator ring using a flashlight while rotating the hub to confirm there is no damage to the ring.

remove abs wheel speed sensor mounting bolt

Match the new sensor to the old unit to ensure proper installing and operation. Confirm the electrical connector is clean from dirt and grease before reassembly.

Once the sensor has been replaced the ABS warning light should go out without resetting or clearing the codes in most cases. Some older systems such as Nissan or Volkswagen might require a scan tool to reset the system, but this not typical.

abs wheel sensor connector


Be observant when first driving the vehicle after the sensor replacement. Listen for abnormal noises or performance issues that could indicate a problem which will need further inspection. No code clearing is required in most cases for American built vehicles. Some older European and Japanese models may need to be cleared using an ABS code reader. If the warning light remains on after code clearing it means you still have a problem. If you have any questions about ABS brakes visit our forum.

There are various tools and supplies you will need to perform these jobs. We have created a list for you which are easily obtained if you do not have them already.

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You will also need replacement parts such as the wheel speed sensor, computer module or system fuses. We have created a guide that will inform you as to where to go to get the best deal and quality.

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To see more specific information about your particular vehicle check out our repair manual information guide.

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Anyone can do car repair if he or she puts their mind to it. If you are a parent please show your kids how to do car repair because they will need to know this valuable information as well. Doing the job for yourself, family and friends will give you a satisfaction and pride which you can only get from doing the job right. 2CarPros will be there for you every step of the way with our repair guides, and if you have any questions our team of mechanics will answer them for free.

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