How do I bleed the clutch on a 1997 Saturn

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How do I bleed the ckutch for a 1997 Saturn
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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 AT 10:25 PM

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I have bleed after market Saturn hydraulic clutch assemblies by doing the following. There is no need to purchase the saturn sealed kit unless you have an abundance of money laying around.
1. Disconnect the hose from the slave cylinder. To do so, there is a pin in the housing that must be driven out with a small punch. The hose will then slide out. Make sure you don't press the clutch pedal until instructed to.
2. Place the end of the disconnected tube into a jar with about an inch of brake fluid in it.
3. Fill the master cylinder to the brim.
4. Have someone pump the clutch pedel slowly. Be sure to keep the master cylinder filled. It wil take about 20 full strokes to completely fill the lines and remove all the air. When there are no more bubbles showing coming out of the line have your assistant stop and "DO NOT" pump again.
5. Remove the Slave cylinder from the transmission.
It can be done by pushing the assembly to compress the rubber boot then turning counter clockwise about one quarter turn.
6. Pour brake fluid into the slave cylinder hole and actuate the assembly a few times. When the cylinder is full. Pull the hose from the jar and immediately insert it into the slave cylinder.
7. Insert the locking pin and use a pair of channel locks to seat it.
8. A little tricky. But without crimping the line. Reinsert the slave assembly back into the transmission.
Note: At this point. Make sure the Master cylinder is full and put on the rubber cap.

Hope this helps. By the way. To get to the slave cylinder, you will have to remove the battery, battery tray and air cleaner.
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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 AT 8:03 AM

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