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August, 5, 2011 AT 3:01 PM

I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 automatic 4x4 140000 miles. The engine runs hot if I am not traveling at highway speeds. For instance going thru a drive thru or landing a boat, etc. About three years ago the radiator, fan clutch and thermostat were replaced. Still having the same problem. In the cooler months the temperature is normal no matter the speed.


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August, 5, 2011 AT 3:47 PM

Been 3 years?

Things go bad

Even new stuff can be bad

Hoses s. Ucking flat?

Could be a head or head gasket issue. Sorta the last test to try.

Got a shroud around your fan?

Test your fan clutch (popular auto parts guys my check it for FREE!)

Are you mixing your coolant externally, then installing it, thus insuring it's the proper mix, throughout (topping off the same way, later on?). Or are you one of those "guessers" just pouring it in then filling with water till you hit the top?

Lesser of the Evils after the clutch test, would be the thermostat. Simple, EZ to do, less than $10

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August, 5, 2011 AT 4:01 PM

Yes I understand things go bad and new parts can be bad. After all the new parts were installed the repair shop could not fix the over heating problem. No flat hoses. Got the shroud. No I am not a guesser. Just had the radiator serviced and I use the pre diluted antifreeze.I will get the clutch fan tested.



August, 5, 2011 AT 4:41 PM

Roger, on all of that!

It's really been hot out!

My Jeeps don't over heat, but they are running hotter

Is yours "Hotter" or really pegging the gauge out?

At night, when cooler, how does it perform?

Could be the sender to the gauge, might be inaccurate.

Head Gasket test.A pressure test can be done.A chemical too!

Radiator Cap? It can be tested, or inexpensively replaced

Just trying to help you.I see something new (sometimes hilarious!) Everyday

Are you at the mercy of the wolves?

I may can help there too. If you are willing to broaden your horizons

I'm a Plumber. Learned a lot, bought tools, did not "drink away", my tight limited fundage! Jeeps are my primary transportation, and have been since '81. My hobby too, Mine do not go to a shop, 'cept for alignments. Had 7, still have 6 and 7.6 almost scratch built, 7 From nothingness!

I do it all myself.I find resources, and use 'em to my fullest extent, whether it be my Jeeps, Wife's Escape, Family or friends rigs.I'm called "McGyver" quite a bit.I sub out nothing, at my house. Not even the toaster!

My sole goal here is to help. Especially the CJ guys!

Your Turn

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