How to Fix Engine Vibrations

Easy to follow step by step guide on how to repair an automotive engine vibration, this information is listed in the order of probability and pertains to most vehicles.

Difficulty Level - 5

Step 1 - When an engine is misfiring it will vibrate as the balance of the engine has been disrupted. Learn more

Misfiring Spark Plug

Step 2 - When an engine mount fails it will allow the engine to contact the vehicle frame creating a vibration. Learn more

Replace Engine Mount

Step 3 - If a serpentine belt tensioner fails it can "bounce" causing the engine to vibrate as the belt loses grip and then regains it. Learn more

New Serpentine Belt Tensioner

Step 4 - When a harmonic balancer fails it will cause the engine to vibrate. Learn more

Failed Harmonic Balancer

Step 5 - When an air conditioner is overcharged it can cause an engine vibration when the a/c is "ON" due to the extreme pressures. Learn more

Air Conditioner Charge Port

Step 6 - When a balance weight become dislodged form the engine flex plate the engine balance will be disrupted causing a vibration.

Flex Plate

Helpful Information

Because vibrations are slightly different than other automotive related noises it can be difficult to detect the origin of the generation point, this condition can travel away from the actual cause and show up in a completely different place, this transference of vibration noise is called telescoping.

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