2000 Ford Taurus



May, 9, 2013 AT 8:40 PM

None of the windows work how do I bypass the one touch reay and g e m by splicing the wires together do I leave the brown wire cut looose from the swich and the red wire cut from the seich to and splice the 2 together only to bypass the computer


2 Answers



May, 10, 2013 AT 2:38 AM

Why dont you just replace the gem module?




May, 10, 2013 AT 8:16 AM

Cost to much to do that I seem n guy on here say you could by passs the g e m my running a hot wire with a 30 amp circuir breaker to the light blue and black wire the light blue and black wire goes to the window locks and to bypass the one touch relay you wire the brown wire n the window switch beside the white wire to the red wire going to the window motor on the drivers side alot cheaper than a g e m module also if you have a flex fuel car and your gas guage is stuck on full it could be the flexfuel module that tells the car how much ethinol is in your gas its located behind the radio ther only about 20 dollars at a junk yard or 40 to 60 dollars at the dealership thses window fixes are alot cheaper and faster check your motors in the doors frst before you try these fixes you can jump the motors off with aouple wires and a battery charger after taking the wire connector off of the window motor reverse polarity to put your window up or down if youe window is down and you just want it up ti you get it fixed hey im steve at koolautos ford mech for 20 years chevrolet dealership for 10 workng on race cars t 7 years old ol number 32 was my uncles car rip uncle jr we niss ou jimmy means is my step brther in law I worked on the 52 car when it was the alkaseltzer car in nascar

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