1983 Jeep CJ7

  • 1983 JEEP CJ7
Engine Performance problem
1983 Jeep CJ7 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

My engine spontaneously turns off while I am driving and then is able to turn back on. I have changed the battery, alternator, fuel pump, fuel filter, gasoline tank, checked the gasoline line and replaced ignition coil. The engine has not run for ten years up until recently and had originally 81,000 miles on it. It has around 90 PSI in the cylinders. In neutral, when I give it full gas it turns off as well. What do you I recommend I do to fix the problem where it turns of?


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Thursday, July 15th, 2010 AT 9:08 PM

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See my profile, I am not paid here, nor a paid mechanic....I do know CJs well, and I will help you all the way. I even will let you view mechanical modifications I have made to my rig(s) that are very beneficial to the cause...Will get to that later, remind me.

I have answered many of the CJ 5 and 7 questions, I recently changed my user name, so if you see it different elsewhere, it's still me.

This could be several things....wires skinned up-grounding out when bounced around....Carb issues (I have recommendations).....Vacuum lines loose/ hooked wrong...bowl vent issues, Even a new Ignition Module could be bad (Can be tested at Autozone and Advance Auto---Test the New one before you leave--TRUST ME!--Test 5 to 7 times each, to warm them up--TRUST ME--if it fails ONCE--do not get it!)

If you would, go to "1985 Jeep CJ 7 Stalls When Hot" (14 responses) It is 15 or so below yours in the forum. (keeps me from typing so much)

I want you to pay attention to VACUUM LINES NECESSARY to run Jeep.....and the part about BOWL VENT HOSES---on the 1st page.

Then get back with me about possibilities.(HERE at this POST)

Unfortunatly your Jeep is 27 years old, Mine are 64 and 33 years old.....Alot of stuff my have been changed or messed with over the years.

You might even want to get rid off the "CRAP" as I did, to make maintenence EZer---less things to go wrong! I can help you with this too....and make pics.

The Medic


You might even explore other CJ 5 and 7 questions in their respective forums.

You have a SHARP JEEP!

I do tend to get excited and jump around in my answers...I do go into mega detail, I try to stay personal and do not give "short and sweet" answers as others do.
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Thursday, July 15th, 2010 AT 10:12 PM

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