How to Replace a Fuel Filter

Step by step guide on how to replace an automotive fuel filter, through appearances may vary, the process is similar most vehicles.

Difficulty Scale: 3 of 10

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Fuel line release tool
  • Replacement fuel filter
  • Sockets
  • Screw driver set
  • Protective gloves and eye wear
  • Fluid catch basin

Before beginning, place the vehicle on level ground, in park with the emergency brake on.

Step 1 - Locate fuel filter of the system which is either under the car or hood.

Removing Fuel Filter Mount

Step 2 - Next, a fuel line release tool is needed to remove the line from the fuel filter.

Fuel Line Release Tool

Step 3 - Take the tool and install it on the fuel line between the filter and the fuel line.

Installing Fuel Line Release Tool

Step 4 - After the fuel line is in place push the tool inward to release the fuel line.

Fuel Line Removal Tool Installed

Step 5 - Once the fuel line removal tool has been moved into the fitting, pull the fuel line away from the filter. A small amount of fuel will leak when line is removed.

Released Fuel Line

Remove fuel lines and install the new fuel filter (most fuel filters have a directional arrow which needs to be observed), re-mount the new filter. When trying to start the engine for the first time, it might take a few tries before the engine will start because the new fuel filter is empty as well as the line.

Helpful Information

A fuel filter is used to keep fuel clean to avoid malfunctions of the fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulator.

Best Practices

  • All sealing "O" rings should be in good condition and free from nicks.
  • Check for fuel leaks.

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