1993 Ford F-150 catalytic converter removal/oxygen sensors/f

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1993 Ford F150 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 165000 miles

Hello, I was told by a mechanic (who did a tune-up, ck'd fuel filter, and replaced 1 plug wire), that my catalytic converter was bad. So, have been reading and asking? About taking them off or reaming them out. Well, I could reach to ream the rear cat, but all that did was plug up the front one. It ran great after I did that for about a mo, then one day it died again, just like before. Sooo since I can't afford to replace cats, and our state doesn't require them, I saws-alled the pipe just where the dual exhaust pipes enter the 1st cat, thinking I could ream out the 1st cat, then have the whole thing welded back together. Now, I'm worried about the effect doing this will have w/the oxygens sensors, and that they're bad, too. Have been too afraid to delve there yet! Ive totally cleaned out the rear cat, but wonder if I should leave the front one intact.
Also, bought a fuel filter because it sounds like it's not getting gas to even crank. Previously another mechanic said the fuel pump in the rear tank was shot, so he took off the locking gas cap for me, and I've been using that tank. Now I'm thinking that fuel pump is gone too. If so I'm w/o a vehicle at all! I've been living on UI for a couple years so cant afford to have anyone else ck. It for me, so any help would be most appreciated. Thank you, Donna

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Disabling or removing as Catalytic converter is against Federal law with fines around $50,000

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