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January, 2, 2010 AT 10:54 PM

Electrical problem
1996 Chevy Truck V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 139000 miles

I have a 96 chevy truck that is blowing the brake light fuse. All bubs and sockets have been checked. The fuse is for the hazzards/brake light. The hazzards work fine but as soon as the brake pedal is applied the fuse blows. The brake pedal switch has been changed and the problem still is there. This will also blow the fuse when the brake light relay is removed. Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

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January, 3, 2010 AT 3:01 AM

Unplug the tail lights. On the drivers side test the yellow wire for contunuity to the black wire (ground). On the passenger side test the dark green wire for continuity to the black wire. If either one has continuity to ground then this is where your short is. These two wires also splice into the trailer harness, so if continuity is found (to ground) check the trailer harness.
At the brake pedal switch there are two wires one is orange (feed from the fuse block) and the other is white (which is the load side of the switch). The white wire becomes live when the brake switch makes contact. It splices 6cm from the columb harness break out. It is a 5 wire splice - which means that 5 different things can be causing this short. One wire comes from the brake pedal switch, one goes to the cruise control system (which kicks it off when the brake is applied), one goes to the stop lamp relay, one goes to the brake light in the cargo lamp, and one goes to the turn hazzard switch (which is where the yellow and green wire from the tail lights go).

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