Fixing Turn Signals That Blink Fast

Easy step by step guide on how to fix an automotive turn signal that blinks rapidly, this information pertains to all vehicles.

Difficulty Level - 3

Step 1 - Turn the key to the "ON" position, and push the turn signal switch in the direction the system blinks fast in, right or left.

Turn Ignition Switch "ON"

Step 2 - Inspect both the front and rear of the vehicle to identify the directional signal bulb failure. A turn signal system is designed to operated on a specific resistance, when a bulb fails this resistance changes causing the system to operate at a faster pace.

Turn Signal Bulb Not Working

Step 3 - Disassemble to replace the non working bulb with new, recheck the operation of the blinker system before reassembly. Learn more

Working Blinker Bulb

Helpful Information

A flasher unit is incorporated into the turn signal system and is used to momentarily interrupt the circuit to create the blinking action, this flasher works on resistance normally present in the lighting system (front and rear bulbs). If both left and right side blinkers operate quickly and all bulbs are working properly, replace the flasher unit or relay.

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