2005 Chevy Malibu fuel pump


Engine Performance problem
2005 Chevy Malibu 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 81000 miles

engine cranks but wont start Im thinking it might be fuel pump, went ahead and replaced fuel filter first. Is the fuel pump on top of fuel tank or is it right by filter

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Thursday, October 28th, 2010 AT 8:00 PM

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Cranks but no start condition-do below to determine whether it's fuel or spark related issue:

Get a helper disconnect a sparkplug wire or 2 and ground it to the engine at least 3/16 away from ground -have helper crank engine over-do you have a snapping blue spark? If so-you have a fuel related problem, Do you hear the fuel pump come On when you turn key on? If not check fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay if so, check the fuel pressure to rule out the fuel filter/fuel pump/pressure regulator and listen to the injector/s are they pulsing or hook up a noid light. No snapping blue spark continue to troubleshoot the ignition system-power input to the coil/coil packs, coil's resistances, distributor pick-up coil, ignition control module, cam and crank sensors and computer Note: If it doesn't apply disregard it.

The fuel pump is mounted in the fuel sender assembly reservoir. The fuel pump is an electric high-pressure pump. Fuel is pumped to the fuel injection system at a specified flow and pressure. The fuel pump delivers a constant flow of fuel to the engine even during low fuel conditions and aggressive vehicle maneuvers. The control module controls the electric fuel pump operation through a fuel pump relay. The fuel pump flex pipe acts to dampen the fuel pulses and noise generated by the fuel pump.

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Thursday, October 28th, 2010 AT 8:25 PM

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