Ar stalled and will not start back up

Six cylinder front wheel drive automatic 155,000 miles

well I bought this car and took it for a test drive and bought it it ran beautifully and I bought it. I drove it home and everything was good. I went out later that night and got gas and a new battery. Drove it home and parked it for an hour came back out started it back up and drove two miles down the road and while driving it shut off. Now mind you the battery is still fully charged, but while driving when it stalled it was like I shut the car off and left it in neutral. So I put the car in park and tried to start it back up and it sounded like the starter went, but it is good. So then I checked the timing belt and the serpentine belt and those are also good. Then the plugs wires all filters for clogs I even had two mechanics and a friend of mine who builds Acura's/Honda's for racing and no one can figure out why this car will not start. Everything mechanically checks out any ideas?
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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 AT 3:44 AM

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Here are a couple of things to consider. It is possible that the ignition switch has failed. I think the car has cam and/or crank shaft position sensors. One of those could have failed. Even if there is spark. Sometimes the failure of the sensor does not stop the spark from taking place but messes the timing of the spark to the cylinders. Make sure there is spark and fuel to the cylinders.
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Thursday, December 27th, 2007 AT 10:15 AM

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