How do I reinstall the front driveshaft?

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I pulled out a drive shaft to replace the center bearing. I marked the front drive shaft where it attaches to the transmission. I made a rookie mistake and did not mark it long enough and it rubbed off during the procedure. I have tried several different ways to reinstall it so the bearings and the grooved slip yoke line up to the transmission side but like a previous user I get a grinding or click sound when it goes in to drive. Is there only one way this can be reinstalled to be right? I can get the bearings and cage to stay seated on the slip yoke when installing but I don't think the grooves on the slip yoke and transmission are lining up correctly. Do I just keep pulling it out and rotate the drive shaft until I get the right combination? There are six bolts so it has to be one of those combinations, right?

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 AT 4:19 PM

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There should be index marks on the shaft where it meets the trans. But if not it sholdn't matter tomuch anyhow it wouldn't give a click it wouls give more of vibration. Next time yuse a pund to mark it. They don't come off. Check your rear joint for clicking, if you see any rust around the bearing cap rubber replace that ujoint.

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 AT 11:19 PM

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