2003 Nissan Almera



February, 25, 2012 AT 2:38 PM

Car was driving fine, got home an parked. Left overnight, and now will not start. Engine cranks normally, no fault codes recorded, fuel pump pressure 3bar. When cranking sometimes it almost seems like it is going to fire up, but it does not. Also replaced crank angle sensor, no difference.

Please help, at wits end with this one now!



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February, 25, 2012 AT 2:50 PM

Fuel pressure shold be at 3.59 bar or 51 psi. At idle. If it's lower than the it could bea fuel filter plugger, pressure regulator or pump. Check to make sure you have agood spark at spark plug. Try spraying choke cleaner in the throttle body, if it starts it's a fuel problem, like injectors not working or spraying fuel.



February, 26, 2012 AT 2:22 PM

Fuel Pump?

OK, following your advice, I carried out the follwing steps, with some odd results.

1. Firstly, sprayed some engine start into the intake, tried to start, and nothing happened, still just cranks with no start.

2. Removed all ignition coils and sparkplugs (note, these were replaced less than 500Miles ago). All sparkplugs were very wet with fuel (expected after all the cranking with no start).

3. Dried off and cleand all plugs, then, in order to check for spark, reconnected all igntion coils, inserted plugs into each ignition coil, earthed the plugs. Then, removed the fuel pump fuse and cranked the engine. All plugs have good spark.

4. To make sure no fuel in cylinders, I leave the fuel pump fuse out, disconnect coils again and crank the engine for a few seconds to clear out any fuel.

5. Put all plugs and coils back, reconnect (but still leave fuel pump fuse out), try to start the car, and it starts! Runs for a few seconds, then dies. (To be expected, fuel pump fuse is out)

6. Put fuel pump fuse back, try to start. Nothing. Engine just cranks.

7. Spray engine start in, nothing, engine just cranks.

8. Repeat steps 1 to 4, and once again, the engine starts, runs for few seconds, then stops.

9. Leave fuel pump fuse out, but spray more engine start into intake. Engine starts and runs. Can keep engine running by spraying small amounts of engine start into intake.

10. Replace fuel pump fuse, engine no longer starts, even with engine start?

Any ideas?




February, 26, 2012 AT 6:31 PM

Have your fuel pressure checked, either the pressure regulator is bad or the injectors are leaking to much fuel. If your engine light is on have it scanned and check to see if there is a vacuum line going to the pressure regulator. Also we don 't have almeras here in u.S. So I 'am using altima's which we have here. What engine size is this you didn't put that down. One other thing you might want to check coolant temp sensor as it may be telling the computer that the engine is cold and putting to much fuel in engine.



February, 26, 2012 AT 6:39 PM


Thanks for reply. The engine is a 1.8.

I have scanned for error codes, and none listed.

I did check fuel pressure, and I am reading 3 Bar, spec is 3.59 but I was not sure if such a small variation would make much difference.
On this particular model, the fuel pump and pressure regulator are a single integrated unit in the tank, with only a single hose feeding the fuel rail (so there is no return, that is handled in the pump).

I will try and test engine temp sensor, but I am suspecting fuel pump more and more. Probelm is, they are impossible to get hold of. 2 week wait from main dealer, no "pirate" version, and I have tried all the breakers and nobody has this particular type.

Is there any simple way to test the injectors?

Thanks for the help




February, 26, 2012 AT 6:47 PM

You can test the injectors for resistance. An Altima with a 1.8L is 13.5-17.5 at 20C so if temp is off it will change the resistance on it. Fuel pupm resistance is 0.2-5.0 OHMS @25Chope this helps you. The only other thing they give is fuel pump pressure at idle which yours wont' do anyhow.

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