2003 Nissan Almera



March, 9, 2012 AT 3:18 PM

Hi every one.

This is my first post and I am sure there will be some one here who will be able to guide me or help me out!

Just bought a Nissan Almera 03 Reg 1.5 Pulse last week. After sorting out my insurance when I start driving I felt there is something wrong. Now I was comparing this new Almera with me old Almera I still got which is N Reg 1996 1.4 GX. Old Almera had more power than this new one despite it has covered over 130k miles and new one has only done 71k. Could not understand why a 1.4 has moor power than 1.5. I was going to get it checked anyway but soon I realise its killing petrol. Old Almera gives 200 miles for £40 topup while this one has not even done 90 and fuel is about to finish. Now that explains there is something wrong. When I checked exhaust I can see loads of carbon showing fuel is not burning properly. It should be clean as my old Almera showing no mark of black carbon powder.

I cant see any problem with Idling at the moment. Cant find anything elso wrong with it. Engine starts and stops OK. Engine sound is fine. Auto Choke works Ok when its cold it start around 1300-1400 revs then comes down to aroud 700 revs. If MAF is faulty does it effect auto choke or not? I think choke works with Air intake Temp I may be wrong. I do have some knowledge of things how they work but not all.

I normally change gear quickly and comparing this Almera with old I have to use a lower gear to get same kind of power or pick. This new Almera finds it had to pick up in 3rd gear if speed drops to around 20 mph while I never had this problem with old.

Power is not there initially so I have to press gas pedal bit hard and it does run ok.

Car does not cut off shudder or stutter so far while idle or driving on high speed only drove up to 50 mph.

Any one had similar problem with Almera killing fuel without showing bad signs?

Is it MAF dirty or faulty or is it oxygen sensor or something else?

Can Fuel injector or injectors be faulty or spark coil or coils?

I personally think it cant be coils or injectors?

Any guide or help will be highly appreciated.

Sorry for long story.

Thanks for your time.

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March, 9, 2012 AT 8:25 PM

We dont ' have info for that model so it must not be u.S. But check the engine vacuum for a clogged converter. If your intake vacuum is 15" or below then your converter may be clogged. Also check your fuel pressre and clean the throttlep plate on both sides with choke cleaner. Also make sure there are no h oles in oyoru air duct work from air cleaner back.



March, 10, 2012 AT 12:00 AM

Thanks hmac300 for your quick reply.

Its a UK model use to call Nissan Sunny and still being sold in some countries as Nissan Sunny. Someone told me similar thing that it looks like vacuum problem and there may be a leak in vacuum may be it split open somewhere. I am planing to do this tomorrow. First I am think to block the air intake from air cleaner while engine is running and see if it cuts off straight away. That will probably show some sign if its sucking air from somewhere.

As that the only thing I should look at this stage?



March, 10, 2012 AT 12:17 AM

The only other ting I can think iof is fuel pressure but I dont' know what figure to give you as to what it should be. If you block the air it will shut off even if it has a vacuum leak.



March, 12, 2012 AT 7:15 PM

Update on Almera.

At week end I took off the air intake hose off the car to check if there is any vacuum leak. I cleaned it and checked there was no leak but when I was taking it off I noticed the screws on both end were loose like some one left them open. They were going around without a need of screw driver so when I put air intake hose back on I titght them properley. Soon I started the car I could see the clear difference in accelration before and after. It had alot moor power when driving around, I thought the problem is fixed. But not completly. Car is still giving poor fuel consumption. I was geeting 25 mile out of 10 petrol and now its doing 36 for 10 petrol converting it to MPG using online tool it showed that its now doing 22.3 MPG and the acual figure for this car are around 35 MPG when driving local. That mean its still using rich mixture and there will be moor power when mixture is right. Please advise me from here onwards what should I look into. I am happy with this power but not the consumption. I think it shoud do atleast 100 mile for 20 petrol.



March, 12, 2012 AT 7:26 PM

Againwe haveno info on these cars so i'm guessing at best. Do like I said and check vacuum and if 15" or below at idle then check for clogged converter. Also scan theengine for codes.

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