2003 Ford Windstar



July, 30, 2011 AT 3:57 AM

I have a 2003 Ford Windstar and the ABS and Brake light will come on simultaneously while driving. A just paid for a total brake joc and still have this problem. This issue seems to be all over these forums. Why hasn't there been a recall? Any ideas about what to do without spending more than the vehicle is worth to get it fixed?


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July, 30, 2011 AT 4:49 AM

The anti-lock system has nothing to do with a brake job except that the base brakes have to work properly for the ABS to work properly. Brake pad replacement and most other brake work is the same whether or not an ABS system is on the truck.

The are dozens of different reasons for the yellow warning light turning on, so to say it's all over the internet can apply to a lot of different causes. If you think Ford has lots of problems, do some research on GM front-wheel-drive cars and their common and real expensive problems. Selling repair parts is extremely profitable for GM.

The place to start is by having the diagnostic fault code(s) read. Those will get you into the right circuit, not necessarily to the defective part. The fact that the red light is also on is likely related. That light turns on if the parking brake pedal isn't all the way up, there was unequal hydraulic pressures in the two circuits, or if the brake fluid level is low in the reservoir. Ford is the only manufacturer that uses a non-spring-loaded pressure-differential valve to turn the light on when system pressures are unequal. That valve and switch can trip during brake bleeding or even just from pumping the pistons out of the calipers to contact the new pads right after installing them. That valve can be REAL frustrating to center so the light will go off. You have to unplug its electrical connector to see if that is the cause for the light being on. Usually when the red light is on, the yellow one will also turn on and the computer will disable the ABS system because it doesn't know WHY that red light is on. It assumes the cause will prevent the ABS system from working properly.

As for a recall, that is only done when there is a known common problem related to safety or emissions. Pattern failures which are common ones that you hear about over and over are just that; common problems. Every manufacturer has them but that doesn't mean they warrant a recall. If that were the case, Ford would have done nothing but recall all of their trucks and front-wheel-drive cars for tie rod ends falling apart leading to crashes. We called them "killer cars", and couldn't keep parts in stock. No recall. Just lots of crashes and unhappy owners. There was nothing defective about the parts. They just wore out real fast.



December, 31, 2014 AT 12:15 PM

Keep is posted on the outcome.

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