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September, 11, 2012 AT 8:10 AM

I recently bought an awesome 98 Ford Expedition XLT 5.4. Truck ran like a top except for every once in awhile it would hesitate on slight incline
. On Sunday night My husband filled the resevoirs before I went to the lake with my friend. The truck hesitated on the slight incline on the freeway to the lake. Funny thing is that the hill to the lake itself is very steep and very windy and no hesitation at all, went up the hill like a charm, then a steep decline to the lake.
The truck set for two days while we relaxed, chatted and read books. When I started the truck it started normal but my friend yelled that black smoke was pouring out of my tailpipe! That never happened before, then going down the freeway I smelled what I thought was the car in front of me, ended up it was mine. Checked under the hood when I took my friend home, and nothing looked suspicious. On Thursday morning started up truck, same smoke only on start then vanished before I left the driveway.
Ran around all day and truck ran fine. Friday morning started right up, black smoke on start gone before I leave the driveway, down the cul de sac and as I was turning onto the street, the truck just stopped, dead. Yikes! I borrowed a Orm II tester and the code would not come up, all it would say is operator error. I was told that the spark plugs were sometimes at fault and since I didn't know the last time they were changed since I bought the car in April, I enlisted my husband to help me change all spark plugs, what a job, I look like someone beat me on my hands and arms and shed a little blood, and luckily none broke.I checked the air filter and it was really dirty so I installed another one and checked all fuses, and the #24 under the hood 30A had blown.I tried the OrmII fault tester for codes but it once again said operator error and would not give a code., Well, when we were done the big moment and the truck cranked but wouldnt turn over. I was disappointed, I checked #24 and it had blown again, these arent cheap fuses cuz they are maxi. Noticed the theft light flashing fast and in some code one and then six blinks. I found it was the PATS and had locked my key out and I did not have a second one.
Next day had truck towed to dealship so they could take care of the key problem, said they have to program the key, they did a diagnosic and visual check and called to tell me that I needed a whole new wiring harness put in. That the previous owner had the wiring in a different configuration than ford. The one time super deal of $2,595.I think not.I was upset to say the least. I told them to not do anything else to my truck, I would have it towed back home. I went to the dealship and talked to electrical tech who had been working on my truck.I had a million questions on why he came to the conclusion he did on repairs. I told him that I was going to see what I could do myself on the truck and he directed me some, I don't think his service manager appreciated that much. He did get DTC codes for me and they are P16000, 01, 02, that there is a short to ground on the PCM power relay and isolate short to engine side of main engine compartment loom and found loom incorrectly routed,
Other comments were fluid leaks and oil leaks. That it was blowing fuse #24 and it needed 19 electrical repairs to include wiring, anti lock breaks, air bags and computer monitor. Towed back home, looked for 2 days for broken or burneden wires
The tech told me it is basically in the wiring and it could be anywhere.


Black Smoke Coming From Exhaust




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September, 11, 2012 AT 10:00 AM

Well, you need an independent electrical shop to check it for you to determine where the short is located.

Without this, you cannot do anything




September, 18, 2012 AT 12:40 AM

Hi, thanks for your information but that is what everyone kept telling me. Am kind of a detective at heart and couldn't stand the thought I couldn't figure it out myself. Well, I noticed that I had a bad fuel injector that the bottom plastic piece was broken in half and split, so I replaced that. I looked everywhere for the shorted wires, I mean anywhere I could think of. And wouldn't you know I was standing there facing the truck and saw exposed wires! What are the chances? It was the ground from the chassis to the engine and it was all worn on one side. We put new battery terminals on and made sure everything plugged in, I made sure all the fuses and relays and everything was in securely, put in a new ground wire chassis to engine. After a few tries, the truck turned over and is running great. Went and got oil changed and my fuel filter put on. It was missing a little going up hill, but seems to have stopped now. Hope this was the solution. Anyway, not bad for a gal. Thanks for your help and sure hope this can help someone else if it happens to them. It is frustrating looking for those wires that are bad and then to have it right in plain sight. Well. What can I say. Make it simple, but be persistent.



September, 18, 2012 AT 8:09 AM

Nice work.

Ground circuits can cause a lot of intermittent problems and though they are working, they have a higher resistance and this can cause the computer to read a lot of signals wrong.

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