1986 Ford Ranger


mike luckey

February, 8, 2014 AT 12:31 PM

86 ranger 2.3L. Engine cranks, but no spark, and no power to fuel pump. Fuel pump works when we jumper to it, and strangely, if I unhook the EEC, we get spark from the coil, but fuel pump still gets no power. I have replaced the EEC, EEC relay, ignition switch, and jumped past the inertia switch. What else can be wrong? Main ground is ok, lot of new parts, but still cant get spark under normal start conditions please help.


1 Answer


mike luckey

February, 10, 2014 AT 8:22 AM

Hi everyone, Thank you again for all your help. We fixed it. It was a faulty new part. The EEC relay tested bad, so I replaced it. The new one was bad, we found out by testing the circuit again, and jumping past the relay. Lesson learned: don't always trust new parts! Especially electrical parts! Have a good one

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