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25 Year ASE Certified Car Repair Technician and Author for since 1999

I am a lifetime mechanic, it's in my blood and I have always loved working on cars. I want to teach everyone who wants to learn how to fix their own car's and save money while having the job done right, without cheap parts or inferior workmanship.

The job should never be half done with loose or missing bolts. To be a mechanic it just takes the will to get your hands in there and twist a wrench, it's like my Dad always said, it's just nuts and bolts.

If you have the gift of being a mechanic like I do you can get the job done, and done right. There are little nuances which I will show you over time from my experience here at

Over your lifetime your car will be the second most expense item to own second only to your home. You should know how to do your own repairs, and if not at least see what you are paying for when you take your car to the shop.

This is where 2CarPros comes in, I have been working on this site since 1999, now being a family business with my wife and two sons, I am proud to show you and the world everything I know about car repair and how to save money while learning a profession.

For about $850.00 on you will be ready to take on almost every repair you will ever need. Having the skill to be auto mechanic is a noble and needed profession. In this fast changing world where computers and robots seem to be taking jobs away at a record pace, it's very doubtful they will ever be able to fix a car.

Here is a list of the basic tools and supplies needed to get started so you can do your own repairs in your garage. Saving money while doing the job right for yourself, family and friends is very satisfying. You could actually open your own small car repair business with these tools and supplies.

  • Mechanics tool set - $210.00

  • Tool box - $119.00

  • Floor jack - $149.00

  • Jack stands - $45.00

  • Floor creeper - $46.00

  • Oil drain catch - $19.00

  • Work gloves - $10.00

  • Shop towels - $10.00

  • Eye protection - $6.00

  • Carburetor cleaner - $4.50

  • Windshield washer fluid - $11.43

  • High quality auto parts - Prices will vary

  • Motor oil - Prices will vary

  • Engine coolant $8.00 per gallon

  • Transmission fluid $28.00 per gallon

  • Power steering fluid - $8.00 per quart

  • Brake fluid - $8.50 per quart.

  • Small air compressor - $99.00

  • Voltmeter - $25.00

  • Test light - $15.00

To extend your talents beyond basic repairs you can also add air conditioner repair as well using the step be step guide I have created which helps anyone become an expert in this realm. This is what you will need and all for about $170 bucks.

  • Air conditioner gauge set and vacuum pump $119.97

  • R134a $16.97

  • R134a Leak Detector - $36.87

BIO: When Ken was 12 he had a “knack” for mechanical theory, known as the neighborhood bicycle repair man, he would fix flats, repair chains and replace handlebars to name just a few. As Ken grew up, his dad (Bob) presented him with a four barrel carburetor to disassemble, after a few questions and carefully executed directions he successfully reassembled and adjusted the carburetor to run perfectly.

The automobile offered a tantalizing amount of mystery which peaked Ken's interest. Then when Ken was a freshman in high school his Dad opened a repair garage in uptown La Habra, California which he worked at after school and on weekends performing oil changes, tune up's and brake jobs while replacing water pumps, transmissions and repairing engine and electrical problems.

Bob acted as Ken's automotive teacher and mentor for the next thirteen years while including him in many of the business decisions. Ken began interacting with customers as he aspired to emulate his Dad's life and values. In the mid 1980's computer technology started appearing in automobiles.

Realizing this new platform was the future Ken attended many instructional classes in college and technical specialty schools geared toward the education of computer controls. After Ken's first son was born Bob retired, Ken and his wife Renee purchased the business.

In 1998 Ken was introduced to the internet and in 1999 he and his mom Carol started the website (after his Dad and himself), this website was geared toward helping people with their auto repair questions and problems.

The website has now grown to include repair, service and troubleshooting guides which now encompasses repair videos featured on the site and on YouTube.

Ken has gone on to be featured on Auto Repair for Dummies, DailyFinance, CNN and was a speaker at Google's Automotive Summit in New York.

If you would like to ask our community a question about car repair please do so, it's free.

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