2004 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem
2004 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 32645 miles

Two days ago I had a little problem starting SUV. Had to try two times. Seemed like it was not going to turn over and I got the feeling battery was dieing. Now the starter will not crank although lights/signals/horn/radio/windows/etc work. Battery was 6 years old and showing red indicator through port. Replaced with new battery but same result. Light for ABS has been coming on/off for about 9 months.
November 16, 2009.

I would start by having the starter tested at a parts store. Most will do it for free. Your starter may be drawing too many amps. As far as the check engine light, while you are getting the starter checked, have them scan the computer for codes. Most do this for free. Let me know what you find.

NOTE: If your starter isn't working at all, check the starter relay.

The starter was tested and it is OK. I did not refere to the check engine light because the car would not start so I could not get it to the parts store to check it out. It turns out the PATS KEY/transmitter needed programming. Had to take car to a Ford dealer because they seem to have proprietary control over this procedure.

Nov 19, 2009.
THat is correct. They are the only ones that have the equipment to reset it.

Regardless, I'm glad it's fixed. If you have questions in the future, let us know.