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  • 2000 VOLVO S40
Electrical problem
2000 Volvo S40 4 cyl 120000 miles

I have a 2000 Volvo S40. I need to replace the 3 bulbs in the center console behind the knobs for the temperature, flow direction, and fan. They are blue. I have removed the knobs and the faceplate, but the bulbs seem to be removable from behind the big white housing. Do I have to remove the radio to get to them? Do I have to disconnect the radio? I have tried to pull the radio out, but there is a warning about looking at a light when I am trying to do this. What is that all about? Thank you for your help. I am starting my donation at $20. Can I increase it if I get better than expected help?
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Thanks for the donation.

I am uncertain of what the "looking into light.." is about? Where exactly is this warning at? Perhaps a call to the local Volvo dealer will clear this up, but I have never heard of such a warning. .

However, removal of the radio is necessary for access to the bulbs. You may not have to disconnect the radio, just pull it out of the dash to gain access. If you disconnect it, there is a certain code for the built-in anti-theft system that will have to be reentered. You should go ahead and retreive these codes from your radio per owner's manual's instructions, just to be safe. Otherwise, you must pay for the code at the Volvo dealer.

Remove radio by pressing in the catches to release them. Then, grip catches and pull radio straight out. Remember, do not disconnect harness connector unless absolutely necessary for access to bulbs.

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