How to Replace a Seat Control Switch

Step 1 - Start by identifying the seat switch in question, these switches can become contaminated with dirt or liquids over time which can cause it to stick in position creating a draw that drains the battery down, or hindering the electrical contacts rendering it non-operational.

Seat Position Switch

Step 2 - Locate and remove all seat plastic side cover screws.

Remove Seat Cover Screws

Step 3 - After removing all cover screws, grasp the cover and pull it outward from the seat.

Remove Seat Cover

Step 4 - Turn the cover over to expose the switch mounting screws, use a screwdriver to remove.

Remove Seat Switch Screws

Step 5 - The switch will now be loose but will still attached to the wiring harness. (Some applications allow you to remove the wiring connector before this step.)

Switch Removed

Step 6 - Release the wiring harness connector and pull upward to remove the switch from the harness.

Release Wiring Connector

Step 7 - Seat position control switch removed.

Seat Position Switch Removed

Step 8 - Its a good idea to check power and ground circuits which are located in the connector, these wire colors will vary per manufacturer, to obtain your wiring diagram please visit Google Images

Locating Power and Ground Circuits

Step 9 - Using a test light with a small pick attached to the clamp, probe the power and ground circuits which tests both power and ground at once. (Note: do not allow the probes to connect while testing to avoid blowing a fuse.)

Probe Wiring Connector

Step 10 - Match the new seat position control switch to the old unit, they should match identically.

New Seat Position Control Switch

Step 11 - Reinstall and tighten the switch mounting screws, (do not over tighten).

Reinsert Seat Switch Screw

Step 12 - Insert the wiring harness connector into the new switch, there should be an audible click when fully installed.

Reconnect Wiring Harness

Step 13 - Once the switch is mounted and connected to the wiring harness, reposition the seat side cover.

Reposition Seat Side Cover

Step 14 - Install and tighten the seat side cover mounting screws.

Reinstall Seat Side Cover

Step 15 - Once reassembled, work the switch in each direction to check its operation.

Test Seat Position Control Switch

Helpful Information

Avoid spilling liquids into the seat switch.

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