2002 Volkswagen Golf



February, 19, 2009 AT 4:56 PM

2002 Volkswagen Golf Manual 111000 miles

For the past 2 years, about every 9 months my clutch peddle starts to stick then my gears start to become really stiff to use. When I take it to the garage they say I need a new clutch master cylinder. I am now on my 4th master cylinder in 2 years. Could there be someting else going on that is making my master cylinder break so often?

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March, 6, 2009 AT 11:14 AM

Change garages, even if it is a faulty part every time if the garage is not capable of figuring that out and changing suppliers then I would never trust them to work on my car.

Be sure that they are changing it every time as well as it could just be leaking and they are refilling it, or could be just replacing seals when it has other damage that is ruining the seals, these hydraulic clutches are pretty durable there is no reason to replace it that often.



May, 9, 2009 AT 8:45 PM

Not sure but if the wrong fluid is being used it will ruin the orings or seals in the cyld. Some VW s use dot4 brake fluid. If dot 3 was used it will reck the seals. If thats the cause the whole circuit has to be flushed an filled with the proper fluid.

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