Troubleshooting head gasket blown?

  • 2.5L
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 182,000 MILES
I have a 2002 nissan altima. 4cly. I'm pretty sure it's a 2.5L? I went to georgia and back that's 1,100 mile round trip and alot of driveing all together. While I was there my alternator went. Which except for some front end work ( from all the pot holes) I really haven't had a problem with this car ever. When I got back I had some starting issues. It didn't want too! So brought it to the guy he's like it's the ignition coil pack. He changed it. I got it back my car ran like CRAP! For about a week. He's like oh btw your engine is dead. Probably a blown head gasket or rings. I've had exsperience with 2 blown engines in the past. But I don't understand how this is possiable on my current car. This cars starting issue where it turns over but dosen't at the same time. So I am not convinced it's blown, it dosen't fit. Fluids are mixing, there is no knocking noise, there is no constant smoke. When it drives it drives! So I would like your theory? This is more of a discripton.

car turns over but dosen't catch
keeps cranking until either battery dies or it puffs puffs and starts.
I was suggested to put a thicker oil in to prevent any leaking of oil but that was a big mistake it blew threw the gasket and into the last cyl. When we pulled it out it was a valcano. Changed the oil right away haven't had the issue again
cleaned that out ran fine for weeks.
so oil Is getting onto the last plug.
fluids ARE NOT mixing. My coolant is pink and my oil is brown/black.
I don't know if I am loosing coolant or not because I just had a broken heater coil pack and ended up all in my car and I've had it back for only a few days. ( But so far levels seem fine)
car only smokes white when car dosen't want to start. And it smells like a gocart really gassy smell it's not sweet like coolant. Only time it smokes.
when it's on it cruises
most time car turns over really well

I am a little concered about something though. I did this yesterday and it putt putt putted with a few backfire and then it coaght when I got out of the car there was alot of white smoke ok my tale pipe but then under the passangers side white smoke was shooting down to the ground as well? But then after about a min everything went normal no smoke runnning smooth. Did check the plugs today the last one was wet. So cyl 4 is it the head itself or is it just the cyl?

so I really don't believe it's the head gasket/bad engine we believe it's a bad valve cover ( the cyl is 1 they are not seprate items) but I was hoping for some feed back. I need help. Hopless car owner
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Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 AT 5:40 PM

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Have coolant system pressure cheked for an internal leak like ahead gasket they can leak to outside, through exhaust etc. there is also a chemical add ITive that will check as well. from your description it may be the cylinder. but scan for codes and check fuel pressure with a gauge auto parts rent it.
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Thursday, September 8th, 2016 AT 5:39 AM

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