Transmission not working properly

  • 2000 ACURA TL
  • 3.1L
  • 6 CYL
  • 180,000 MILES
I have the vehicle listed above 3.2TL that jerks when accelerating and sometimes wont go in reverse. Also sometimes the RPMs stay at 4-5 when going 40+ mph. I had a mechanic check it out and he said it isn't leaking or burning transmission fluid and the oil is fine. The solenoid sensor was just changed. What could be wrong with it?
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Sunday, March 28th, 2021 AT 5:56 PM

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This sounds like we have a valve body issue. More then likely there is a leak internally and it is bleeding the pressure needed in order to shift properly. Basically the way this works is the valves in the valve body move to direct the fluid to specific channels needed to apply each different gear. When there is a leak the valve moves but there is not enough fluid pressure to apply the gear so it hangs in a gear or doesn't shift properly. If it is a gear that is applied with spring pressure then it could result in a harsh shift as well.

If the fluid is ok and there are no codes then unfortunately that means I would remove the valve body and inspect it then you will get a look in the pan as well to see if there is any metal or friction material. If there is then we are going to have to rebuild the unit.

Also, which shift solenoid was changed? You have an A and C solenoid and then a B solenoid so we need to know which one was replaced as if the solenoid is sticking then that may be the issue as well. However, this normally sets a code so if we have not checked those then we need to do that as well. Thanks
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 AT 2:08 PM

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