Fuel pump replacement instructions please?

I was told that my car was American built. What happened was I was driving and I noticed the car was trying to slow down(like it wanted to cut off) so I pulled over. I shut the car off and tried to shut it back on but the engine wouldn't turn over. I thought it had something to do with the battery so I had it towed to the place I bought the battery from. Firestone ran a diagnostic test and was told that I needed a fuel pump. Now I guess you have to buy the whole system which is a dealer only part (strainer, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and sending unit) I spoke with the take and he said that there was no fuel coming out of the fuel line which made him take the car apart and check the pump. He hooked some type of meter up to the pump and it read at 12 volts but the motor was not running. So the tech said I need a new pump. I called a couple of toyota dealerships and they said it is very rare those things go bad. I was told by Firestone that it was clogged up which caused it to malfunction. They recommended I get a fuel pump module replaced. Do you have any information you can offer me?
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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 AT 10:39 AM

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Hello, I'm Danny
Here is the information you requested. This is a tutorial for you to view on how to replace an in-tank electric fuel pump.


You will not have to remove the fuel tank as there is an access door under the rear seat cushion. I've attached picture steps below on how to remove and replace the fuel pump on your Toyota. Hope this helps and thanks for using 2CarPros.
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