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February, 21, 2008 AT 7:59 PM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1996 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Automatic 103000 miles

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry, and about 1.5 months ago, while I was on the interstate traveling about 80 - 85, it began missing slightly. It wasn't enough to cause whiplash, but I noticed it and eased off to about 70 - 75 and the problem resolved itself. It didn't materialize again until I was on the interstate maybe several weeks later, but this time it was more pronounced. The problem became intermittent, but happened at lower speeds - like accelerating from rest to 30 - 45mph. The other day, while making a turn to go up a smaller grade hill, I ended up flooring it and could only get the car up to 25 - 30mph. It stayed like this for maybe 5 - 10 seconds, and I then heard a very low sounding hiss/gas escaping sound that was followed by a short, single metallic ting/ping. The sounds, to me, seemed as if they were coming from the left/driver side of the engine compartment. Once the metallic ting/ping sound ended, the car immediately accelerated normally and the problem resolved itself again. It has happened several times since, always resolving itself.

Knowing I had to have the car serviced, I started trying to find a reputable mechanic through a friend (as I'm new in town), when I had to go out of town. Right before I left, I had the oil changed and the Jiffy Lube print out reported " no seen problems" in terms of leaks, etc, and topped off all my fluids. I drove close to 3 hours on the interstate at 80 - 85 with no problems. I got to my destination, turned the car off, got back in after about an hour and the problem started again at like 60 - 70mph mildly lurching and missing. I began to ease off the gas and started get off the interstate, and by the time I got off the interstate, I was going no more than 35 - 40mph with it close to being floored. At the top off the off ramp, I came to a stop to try and turn and the car stalled and died. I smelled a slight odor of something burning or of something have been burnt. The transmission light came on. I restarted the car and drove it to a gas station with it missing/lurching still, but not as much as before. The transmission light went off when I restarted, and I checked the fluid levels after I got to the gas station - which were fine. There was no smoke, hissing, leaking fluids or anything out of the ordinary associated with the engine then that I could see. Also, at no time has my check engine light ever come on.

I just got back from Firestone as I just wanted it checked now regardless so I could drive back home. My thought was maybe a clog in the fuel line or the fuel filter. I paid $100 to have the diagnostics ran, which showed. Ehh. It did show that my #1 selenoid is giving the error code " random/mulitple misfires.&Quot; They also found a crack in an air-intake tubing. The tech said that my plugs, dist cap, wiring needs to be replaced because they look bad and it is past the " recommended replacement time, " but that nothing specific came up on them from the diagnositc. I specifically asked him about the fuel system. He says that he recommends it be " serviced and cleaned" through their $70 fuel system option, but otherwise nothing was noted on the diagnostic - I specifically asked and he said that there was no noted drop in the fuel system pressure.

Am I wrong to think it is the fuel filter/fuel system? Could it be anything else - electrical, plugs, etc? Could the solenoid really cause these combined, intermittent problems? With all their " recommended" servicing, tune ups, replacing the water pump as my belts need to be replaced too, and a new set of tires, Firestone wants around $2000 to do everything. They're not getting it. They're giving no reason as for the problems that brought me in other to say that if I have everything replaced, it may clear up the problem. I'm now confused as if they even looked at the fuel filter/system (which I'm going to talk to them tomorrow about), but any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I'm sorry as to the length, but I tried to include a much info as possible. Also, regardless, I am going to have a " tune up" peformed to replaced spark plugs, wiring, etc as it does need to be done.


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February, 22, 2008 AT 3:31 PM

Get the fuel pressure check-this will find problems with fuel filter, pressure regulator and fuel pump. Fuel system checks out-

Have the throttle and vehicle speed sensor/MAF tested



March, 1, 2008 AT 9:20 PM

I too have a similar problem with my 1996 toyota camry. I have also read various posts on the internet about the same problems with this year/model.

What happens to my 1996 camry is sometimes when I hit the brakes the cars rpm's start to fluctuate up and down rapidly. More downward then up, as if it is having a hard time keeping the idle. Then if I dont step on the accelorator to give it gas and get the rpm's up, it will stall. So sometimes I find myself at a stoplight with one foot on the brake and the other on the gas to keep the rpms steady and from dropping and stalling. Lately the car is doing this more often. Everything else on the car runs great.

I have tried to have it fixed by 2 differant mechanics. They both didnt know exactly what the problem was but one who is a friend of my family and very honest tried to clean out the fuel injectors, change some plugs, change the idle rpms. None of this worked. His computer also read " multiple missfires" from the code from my cars check engine light. The other mechanic said the problem was a cold start valve, he changed this on my car but it was not the answer. All that did was have the car start great but still having the same prob

PLEASE HELP: I know this is a common problem with this car from what I have been reading. CAN SOMEBODY WHO HAS FIXED OR CORRECTED THIS PROBLEM OR KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE TELL US HOW?




March, 2, 2008 AT 1:18 AM

Inspect the air control valve take it out and clean it/throttle position sensor/EGR valve-and check the fuel pressure.

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