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Hi, I just need to know how to change the fuel pump on my 2001 Olds Alero. I do most of the repairs myself but have never changed a fuel pump on this vehicle. If there is a step by step instructions to make the job easier. The car started when I hit the bottom of the fuel tank. I'm pretty sure it is the fuel pump. Thanks
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Relieve the fuel system pressure.
Drain the fuel tank.
Remove or disconnect the following:
While holding the modular fuel sender assembly down, remove the snapring, if equipped or if equipped with a cam lock ring use Fuel Sender Lock Nut Tool J-39765 to press down and rotate the cam lock ring to remove it.

If the modular fuel sender assembly is retained by a snapring, it may spring up from its position. When removing the modular fuel sender from the tank, be aware that the reservoir bucket is full of fuel. It must be tipped slightly during removal to avoid damage to the float.

Remove or disconnect the following (continued) :
Fuel sender assembly
External fuel strainer
Connector retainer from the wiring harness and the fuel pump
Gently release the tabs on the sides of the fuel sender at the cover assembly. Begin by squeezing the sides of the reservoir and releasing the tab opposite the fuel level sensor. Move clockwise to release the second and third tab in the same manner.
Remove or disconnect the following:
Fuel pump electrical connection by lifting the cover assembly
Baffle and pump assembly from the retainer by rotating the fuel pump baffle counterclockwise
Fuel pump outlet by sliding it out of slot
Fuel pump outlet seal

((Exploded view of the fuel sender assembly mounting to the tank))


(((Exploded view of the fuel pump assembly)))



Gently pull on the fuel pump reservoir to assure it is secure. If not secure, replace the entire fuel sender.

Install or connect the following:
Fuel pump outlet with a new seal by sliding it in the reservoir cover slots
Fuel pump and baffle assembly onto the reservoir retainer by rotating it clockwise until seated
Lower retainer assembly partially into the reservoir by aligning all 3 sleeve tabs and pressing the retainer onto the reservoir making sure all 3 tabs are firmly seated
Connector retainer to the wiring harness and the fuel pump
External fuel strainer
Snapring, if equipped to the retainer slots while holding the modular fuel sender assembly down or use Fuel Sender Lock Nut Tool J-39765 in order to install the cam lock ring
Fuel tank
Negative battery cable
Pressurize the fuel system and verify no leaks.

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