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Hey, what's goin on? Not much here. I have a 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale with 126,000 miles. I read on an article somewhere else that if you switch the heater core coolant hoses, you can maybe get some of the grime out of the core and hoses. I tryed this, still didn't get any heat. I don't think there is a leak, because there is no dripping anywhere, and I took apart the whole a/c thingy, and there wasn't any leakage. After running the car for a while, I can feel like a 2 degree difference in the temperature. It's so small of a difference, i'm wondering if i'm just feeling things. Ha. Anyway, I was wondering how to get the heater core out. I didn't want to rip my car apart because I really didn't know what I was doing, so i'm waiting to see what info I can get. So, yeah. Also, can the gasket on the master cylinder affect the pressure for the brakes? I have to bleed my brakes first of all, because the brakes are spongy and to really stop that car from 50mph, it takes 2 pumps to stop. Not safe. Anyway, once I take care of that, that will be that problem. My other problem is I hear a umm. Sounds like hydraulics for an arm of a catepiller scoop. I'm wondering, would the gasket(has rust deposits around the lining, but is not breaking apart) just need to be cleaned, or would a new gasket be needed? I don't know if it's the gasket that's even making the noise. I should probably do this with 2 people. ANyway, if I could just get some direction, that would be awesome. Thanks!
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First on the heater core, drain you coolant so that you can disconnect the two hoses going to the heater core and try using your garden hose to see if you can get water to flow through the core prior to trying to take it out. Check the heater control valve and make sure it is operating(it will be in the hose going to the heater core. You should be able to cycle the valve by hand to see if you can get heat out of you core, If it is cable operated check that your cable is not frozen, if it is vacuum operated you may have a vacuum leak on the hose. If cycling the valve doesn't work then change it out.

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