Low coolant light on

  • 3.1L
  • V6
  • 2WD
  • 79,000 MILES
My low coolant light is on.
Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, June 16th, 2019 AT 6:33 PM

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Welcome to 2CarPros.

First, confirm that the coolant level in the overflow reservoir isn't low. If it is, simply get the correct coolant and fill it to the full mark. If it isn't low, chances are the coolant level sensor is bad. Please remember, never open the cooling system when the engine is hot. You must wait until the engine has cooled off. Here is a link that discusses coolant:


If you add coolant, you must use the correct type. This vehicle came with a product called Dex-Cool. It is a pinkish, orange color and you can not mix other types of coolant with it. So if that is the case and the color you see, get that type. You can ask at a parts store to confirm it for you. if it is a different color, the entire system may have been flushed and a different type installed. However, you need to confirm that.

If the coolant isn't low, then the sensor needs replaced. Here are directions for removing and replacing the coolant reservoir (surge tank). I'm adding the directions for removal and replacement because it needs removed to access the coolant level sensor. All attached pics correlate with the directions. You will see the sensor in the pictures because the directions will tell you to disconnect it.


Surge Tank Replacement

Tools Required
- J 38185 Hose Clamp Pliers

Removal Procedure

pic 1

1. Drain the cooling system.
2. Using the J 38185, reposition the hose clamps at the surge tank.
3. Disconnect the hoses.

pic 2

4. Disconnect the low coolant switch electrical connector from the surge tank.

pic 3

5. Disconnect the coolant return hose.
6. Remove the radiator surge tank bolt and tank.
7. Remove the low coolant switch from the tank.

Installation Procedure

pic 4

1. Install the low coolant switch to the tank.
2. Place the surge tank in the vehicle.

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

3. Install the surge tank bolt.
Tighten the bolt to 10 Nm (89 inch lbs.).
4. Connect the coolant return hose.

pic 5

5. Connect the coolant hoses to the surge tank.
6. Using the J38185, reposition and install the hose clamps at the surge tank.

pic 6

7. Connect the low coolant switch electrical connector.
8. Fill the cooling system at the radiator surge tank.


I circled the level sensor in the last pic to confirm it for you.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have other questions.

Take care,
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Sunday, June 16th, 2019 AT 10:19 PM

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