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Transmission problem
1978 Jeep CJ5 V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual

what is the proper method to adjust the clutch linkage?

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Saturday, June 19th, 2010 AT 10:01 AM

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See my profile, and other CJ answers in CJ 5/7 forums. This system is bad for wear, I have overcome it, with "Nelsomatic Modifications". I will send you a "PM" (private message) that will show you how to really fix these problems once and for all!

Heres my best advice, and PICS that NOBODY ELSE on here will take time, to give you. I am a member here, just like you, except I have been coming here 10 times a day, since 19 DEC 08.

If you have bad wear in the side pivots and or clutch rod and bellcrank (crank and/or pedal end), they either have to be replaced/ repaired or modified---before you can make a proper adjustment.

If this is just an adjustment, follow below.

IF THIS WERE SUDDEN OCCURANCE THING--SOMETHING ELSE may be--BROKE/ BENT/ ETC. to get this, this far out of adjustment---all of a sudden.

Investigate other stuff 1st for problems, before you "over-adjust" trying to compensate for a REAL PROBLEM...A problem that could get worse.

Worn stuff Might make you smack the guy stopped in front of you!

This adjustment below, will only take out, just so much slack----before you unscrew it all the way off, and your real problem, is really not solved (and have no adjustment left)

(This part was for another answer, I just copied and pasted to you) I doubt your clutch is the issue here........ The way it sounds, its your Linkages, From the upper end of your clutch pedal--thru the Bellcrank--and down the adjusting rod to the "throw-out bearing arm" (which the arm may be bent or broke)--"A SUDDEN OCCURRENCE PROBLEM"not a suddenly needing an adjustment, has happened to you!


I am on my back, behind drivers side front tire, looking foward and up....(IN PIC--DOWN is FOWARD---UP is REAR WARD) Long 3/4 nut (adjuster) and 9/16 regular nut (locknut) are the adjustments....the black shiney thing at the top, of the adjuster (toward rear of Jeep), is the clutch arm, coming out of the bell housing


Holding 3/4 still, push bottom of 9/16 LEFT, to break lock-nut loose, you may have to flip your wrench over several times, this is a tight-spot against my exaust.

On mine once the lock-nut is loose, you can spin the big/ long nut, with your Fingers, yours might not be that loose. (3/4 nut is the adjuster) Facing front of JEEP, (from behind the drivers side tire) and the clutch arm end of Adjuster is at the rear, CCW will make PEDAL RISE

Too much PEDAL, will keep pressure plate of clutch, like being slightly "disengaged" (like riding the clutch with your foot, but permanently, from a bad adjustment)

You should have about 1 inch of pedal play, at the top of your pedal, before you feel clutch starting to Dis-engage---anything else is WRONG and you maybe should investigate why you do not have enough adjustment left on the ROD....something bent/broke/bolts falling out/etc., making CORRECT ADJUSTMENT IMPOSSIBLE!


This is a view, down thru the hood, drivers side (My 6 cylinder) Of the wrenches, on the adjuster (from the bottom), you cannot really do this from above, just showing you location (I, rubber-banded wrenches in place for Pics)


This is the bellcrank system: 2 angle iron brackets with "pivots", one on body, one on engine,
Internal bushings in bellcrank, adjustment rod, pedal rod---all primitive

My mods make this 500% better, In my Albums, I have old system (all parts) and MY MODIFIED SYSTEM (sorta laid out in a exploded view)

You can see most of the original parts in my albums--in "Inspection, exploded view, Display Fashion"



I will stay with you on this, until you get it figured out...seek buddy assistance, checking out your stuff

Did you see "PM" #2 ?

I am a member, like you, NO GETTY $$PAY$$, FOR ME HERE

Just want to help you,.... others often "PM" me for additional help.

The Medic

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Saturday, June 19th, 2010 AT 10:29 AM

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