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I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Unlimited, 130K miles, V6. Here's my situation: My rear brake lights will not work. I have replaced the bulbs (2times) and the fuses. Any suggestions? My brakes work fine it's just the lights that will not work.
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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 AT 3:30 PM

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I'm basing this answer on the post that it's only the brake lights not working (flashers, turnsignals, backups all ok.)
It sounds like the Brake Light Switch is a good candidate for your problem. Look at your brake pedal, then follow the metal "arm" up until you see a small "box" with lots of wires coming out of it mounted so it presses against the arm when the brakes are released. (Mine is on the side of the arm closest to the driver). The wires from this box/brake light switch run to a connector nearby that can be taken apart when switch is replaced.
The switch has a plunger that comes out when the brake pedal is pressed, completing the brake light circuit. When the brakes are released, the plunger is pushed back, opening the circuit and turning lights off.
You could take the connector apart and clean it with contact cleaner (flammable, so disconnect neg terminal of battery first), then put back together and check brake lights.
To check if the plunger is coming out far enough, push the pedal with one hand, with the other hand/finger push plunger in/out. With the plunger all the way out the brake lights should work if the switch is working. If they do, the switch will need to be adjusted slightly farther away from the brake "arm" - SOME are adjustable, some aren't. If no change in the brake lights, probably replace switch. Hope this helps! If you fix it, please post what you found and did to help other folks. Thanks!
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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 AT 10:59 PM

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