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November, 6, 2009 AT 5:17 PM

Engine Cooling problem
2005 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 116000 miles

I have a 2005 honda civic with 116,000 miles on it. I have been having overheating issues with my car for the past 6 months and knowone seems to be able to figure out why. I've had my thermostate changed 2x's, still overheating. My radiator has been replaced. Still overheating. All my hoses have beenchecked for leaks. The check out fine. I have had the water pump checked by 2 different mechanics and they both say that it is working fine. When my car overheats it blows out antifreez from the hose that conects the overflow to the radiator. I was told that if if run my heater it will pull the heat off and keep it from running hot, but when I run my heat while driving it causes it to shoot straight up to the H. Also when my car is stitting at a red light, in a parking lot, or anywhere where the engine is on but not moving the heat will blow cold. I dont know if it's related but the issues both seem to have started at the same time.


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November, 6, 2009 AT 7:07 PM

When it overheats, do the cooling fans come on? When it overheats are both lower and upper radiator hoses hot?



November, 6, 2009 AT 7:10 PM

I know the top hose is hot. Iv'e never checked the bottom hose. The cooling fans have been checked and they to work



November, 6, 2009 AT 8:07 PM

Do the fans come on when it overheats?



November, 20, 2009 AT 11:01 PM

Hey babylegs81,

My 05' Civic EX was bought new and I'm sole owner.

Just over a year ago (@ 80K+ miles) I was in a fast food drive thru waiting when I noticed an abnormal sound going from the cooling fans, almost like they were strained or working really hard. What seemed like forever I finally noticed the temp had peaked to " H", this was a first. Luckly I was next in line, got my food and jammed to park and shut the car off. I was within 3 miles form my home so I let the car sit for about 10 minutes then jammed home.

Within days I took the car to a local Honda dealership. They apparently check everything they said it needed a thermostat. After getting my car back I noticed the heater did not work right such as when the car is stopped the heater blew cool air. Also I noticed the smell of coolant when I would come to a stop or getting out of the car after driving somewhere. This went on for about a week or so until the heater just started to work again. The coolant would come and go.

Here we are more than a year later with similiar issues. No " over heating" but the heater is not working right and the coolant smell is apparent. I did notice a flicker of the Temp gauge two weeks ago which made me realize there is a bigger problem.

Now that it's colder in the mornings for me the heat will not come on until I hit the freeway for a couple of miles then will it start to work, extremely frustrating.

My car went to the dealership today. They had it all day until close of business only to tell me that the Tech noticed a large amount of air trapped in the engine block. That he also noted that there was an excess of coolant in the reservoir. After troubleshooting and looking for signs he also noted that there was a continues amout of bubbles appering at the neck of the radiator. Signs of a blown headgasket. I approved the service to begin " tear down". They are telling me - YES, a blown headgasket is confirmed that they need to take the " HEAD" to a machine shop to make sure there is no damage to the cylinders or HEAD.

This was earlier this evening, Friday, Nov 20th 09. Im told that I am looking at about $1400 just as we are now.

I will keep you posted.

* I was told by the service advisor that my extended warranty was up at 105K and I'm at 106K+. WTF. I was not aware of that. I thought the warranty on my civic was up around 75K.



December, 6, 2009 AT 9:09 AM

Kawatoy. Sounds too familiar. My problem has been going on for about a year, but I REFUSE to take it somewhere for them to tell me it's a blown head gasket bc its not and I cannot afford to hand over money to someone taking advantage of me.
I thought I fixed it after changing the thermostat, then changing it AGAIN bc thought it could have been a faulty part. After that I replaced the radiator cap. All of these parts seemed to fix it at first but the problem keeps coming back randomly. My fans work but yet sometimes they don't. The switch is good. I know. Its weird. Water pump is good.
Oil looks totally fine so head gasket is fine. Plus the problem would always be there if it was a gasket problem.
But same as you. Idling too long, or running heat too high or even just using my rear defrost " Sometimes" can cause the temp to rise. I either use my a/c or heater to bring it back to normal. Depending on what time of year. Then theres times like lastnight when I havnt had the problem in months and BAM! It's back. And there's nothing I can do to bring the temp down besides pulling over, turnin it off and leting it cool. Drive for 5 mins and it does it again but yet turning the heat off cools it down, for a few miles. Then I have to pull over again. SO ANNOYING!
I sometimes smell a whiff of coolant when I stop or get out but no leaks anywhere. I'm at a total loss.

So that being said if you have any luck let me know. I never let it get to the H, so i'm pretty sure ive protected the engine but I might not be this lucky cause it happens so randomly I cant watch the gauge for 3 months before it happens again! There is no pattern to the madness



December, 6, 2009 AT 2:50 PM

WOW! Sorry to hear this.

To respond to what you have experienced I must say that you have a more serious/severe problem. I did experience the temprature peaking 'H' one time which I had to pull over and allow my civic to cool before I ventured back onto to road to get home. I immediately (next business day) scheduled an appointment at my local dealership. They replaced the termostat stating it was sticking and was most likely the problem. After getting my car back shortly thereafter I still felt that something else was not right. For a little over a year I would get subtle hints that something was still a matter with my civic like wiffs of coolant, occasional idle changes and lastly the heater acting up and the flicker in the temperature which ultimately made me take the car back to the dealership.

Also allow me to remind you that our cars were in a class-action lawsuit which Honda settled by extending the warranty by 5% on the warranty experation of your vehicle. I bought an extended warranty up to 100K which meant my warranty was good thru 105K, which I was not fullly aware of until I brought my car in this last time at 106K. So with this serious issue I am now on my own with financing which was at $1,700+ at the last update.

I would like to take the opporitunity to follow up with my original post. Because of the dollar amounts thrown at me in the beginning I felt that the dealership was possibly trying to take advantage of me. I did some outreach and as it was explianed to me, there is three entities involved.
Honda Corp Ltd
Honda Care (warranty company - absolutely no cross with Honda Corp)
Honda Dealership

Honda Corp was my first call. They were very polite but blunt, experienced and professional and actually provided me some personal opinion which I asked for thinking they wouldn't dare but he did. I appreciated that but basically they could not offer me any support other than to create a compliant (case) number and review my whole situation. Given the odds he suggested I not go that route but to contact Honda Care to see if they would provide any payment assistance towards the completed work. Honda care also had bad news for me that because the vehicle is at 106K miles my warranty has since expired and they would not entertian my request for any issues with the vehicle.

After my desperate attempts for Honda to make this a better than negative experience I spoke with the service folks with no heavy hands. They seemed egar to find a way to make the service less painful and claim that they were able to push some assistance through from Honda Care to relief me from 25% of the total service bill. So, they did a new water pump, all new belts (including the timing belt), the engine head went to a machine shop for testing, testing came back OK but they resurfaced the head, oil change, coolant flush, washed my car and eat the rental car rate (35/day for a week) for $1,300+.

I have had my car for little over a week and I still smell coolant. WTF! Besides that everything else is A OK. Yes! I can go out start the car and kick on the defrost and watch the frost melt minutes after the car has been running, again.



December, 26, 2009 AT 5:21 PM


(I did a Google search and found this thread!)

I too have a similar problem with my Honda Civic 05' EX SE. However, my car's mileage is only 65,000. We changed the very cheap and most common problems associated with the temp gauge going up and down: thermostat, radiator cap, and fan switch. My car ran like normal for the next few days, but went back to 'overheating.' I suspected a blown head gasket, but I didn't want to believe it because my car ran and felt fine. Oh, my coolant kept on going down.

I finally decided to go straight to the Honda Dealer, and the mechanic did diagnostics testing. He did a series of tests and couldn't find out what happened. He then tried the Head Gasket testing, and my car indeed blew a head gasket. I had a very puzzle face, so he showed me how he found out. He redid the chemical test of the coolant for me. There were carbons in the coolant that shouldn't be in there and the coolant changed color. He told me that is how you can find out that there is something wrong with the head gasket.

Maybe you should go to your mechanic and have your coolant tested for engine carbons? I was quoted for $1300 to fix my blown head gasket. It is in the shop as I type. /Sigh Hopefully this solves the problem. If not, then I'm going to go berserk! (Honda did say we will have a 1-Year warranty on the repair, but he was very specific about only replacing what will be fixed).

Also, the mechanic told me that Honda Civic's head gasket is made of aluminum, so it is very prone to warping and/or cracking! Err.I will not be purchasing a Honda Civic anymore! (I had a 95 Honda Civic before and was a Honda Lover, but not anymore.)

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