Honda Accord



June, 21, 2006 AT 9:34 AM

1997 Honda Accord Special Edition, 153000 miles. I need to ask two questions, please. Where is the fuel filter on this car? Also, replacing the valve cover gasket, spark plugs and wires, there are 4 o-rings in the gasket kit. Where do these o-rings go? Thanks for your help.


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Bruce Hunt

June, 21, 2006 AT 4:06 PM

The fuel filter should be on the firewall. Follow the fuel lines coming off the injector rail.

The orings are they big or small. Sometimes people call a washer an oring. You might be talking about the washers that go on top of the plug wire wells or you could be talking about the orings on the injectors.



June, 26, 2006 AT 7:09 PM

The fuel filter on that model is either under the vehicle near the subframe just below the driver's floor(on the incline and a little tough to see sometimes) the other place is (can't remember exactly what year they started doing this) in the fuel tank which you only service IF you have a fuel pressure problem(basically its just a screen on the end of the pump)
The answer to your other question is If the o-rings are fairly thick the they go in the valve cover to stop oil from entering the spark plug holes. If they are real skinny then they go underneath the rocker arm assembly(also to prevent oil from entering the spark plug holes but at a lower level)

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