2000 Honda Accord



March, 19, 2009 AT 1:08 PM

Engine Performance problem
2000 Honda Accord 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 185, 00 miles

Absolutely no problems starting anytime in colder weather, but when outside temperature is over 70 the car resists starting after it has been driven (ie stop in a store for 15 minutes).

First start when engine is cold is perfect everytime, even in hot weather. After car has been driven and remains warm it seems that it does not want to start and stalls. If I step on gas after initial start, the engine idles very roughly going high and low without moving gas pedal, and will stall if gas is removed. It is rough to get going but once moving engine operates roughly initially but then becomes smooth after a short distance.

Engine light comes on after rough start but does not come on again after engine cools (overnight) and is restarted.

Honda dealer does not find a code for this event. They have changed timing belt and spark plugs, checked fuel system and whatever else after 3 visits for this problem, but cannot seem to identify the problem to fix it.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you very much


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March, 19, 2009 AT 5:49 PM

When the vehicle does not start, you have to check for spark.

If you have no spark you have either an ICM or ignition coil that has failed while it has reached a certain temperature.

Both items are internal distributor parts.



March, 20, 2009 AT 8:00 AM

The problem is not with ignition or spark, I believe it is an issue with gas or injection, but nobody seems to be able to define the problem The car will start when it is warm but does not stay running. The rpms go up then drop to 0 and car stalls. If you step on gas, rpms do go up but fluctuate up and down. If gas pedal is released car stalls. Must keep foot on gas pedal to prevent stalling and car runs rough for a short period of driving then returns to normal. Must keep foot on gas to start in motion or it will stall

Check engine light comes on when this happens but it goes off after being left overnight. Honda dealer did not detect a code

Only happens during warm weather (60+) when car has been running and is stopped for a short period-enough for the engine to remain warm. The car starts perfectly first time in the AM, or when left for several hours under any conditions.




March, 20, 2009 AT 11:44 AM

Hi ltporterIII,

When CEL shows and codes could not be retrieved, it usually is due to a faulty PCM, loose wire connections or a bad ground.

From the symptoms and conditions description, I would suspect loose/contaminated wire connectors or bad grounds to be the likely cause.

When engine warms up, bad grounds or wire connections heats up causing high resistance and this would cause the PCM to fail, CEL to show and engine to stall.

Get the engine wire harness grounds and wire connectors checked for contamination or looseness.

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