2004 GMC Sierra



July, 5, 2010 AT 6:59 PM

Electrical problem
2004 GMC Sierra V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi. Im looking for wiring diagrams for Power door lock system.

my problem is when I lock and unlock the door by switch from diver's and passenger's side and remote key all works without rear both side door unlock.

front door lock and unlock works. Rear door works for lock but doesn't work unlock.

I check power to rear door lock actuator. One way comes power(lock), but another way doent come power(unlock).

they have 2 wires pink and gray. I checked short.
pick wire doesnt have short. But gray wire has short.

front side doesnt have any short.

so I think the gray wire something wrong but I dont have wiring diagram for door lock.

please some one give me the diagrams for door locks.

I already got wiring diagrams for driver's side door module and passenger side door module. But I need door lock wiring diagrams.

Thank you for your time and help.

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July, 7, 2010 AT 11:36 PM

Do me a favor first, look on your option sticker that should be on the inside of the glove box door. I am looking for option YE9. You make mention of the vehicle having door modules, it looks like only the YE9 option has door modules. If you have YE9, it could be a very simple test. Locate your I/P fuse block, which I believe is under the left side end cap. There are two relays labeled lock and unlock. Swap the two relays. If now the rear doors unlock, and not lock, replace the relay that is now in the lock relay cavity.



July, 8, 2010 AT 9:37 PM

Yes, I checked relay its works. Front door lock and unlock all works. Only rear unlock is not working.

I pulled out one connector from fuse box witch is you told me.
From connector to rear door is okay. But I check power from fuse box side connector when I push lock unlock.
Lock side I get power from it but I didnt get power from unlock side.

So I guess fuse block is something wrong.
I will check more.

Thank you for your time and help



July, 14, 2010 AT 10:35 PM

You never stated if you had YE9, I can only guess you do if you are having rear door issues. Here is some schematics. Sorry about the size, it is the best reproduction I can do.
Actuators - Crew Cab w/YE9






July, 14, 2010 AT 10:50 PM

Thank you so much. I will try change the fuse block.



July, 15, 2010 AT 9:08 PM

If you could ground the tan/black wire as shown at the BCM, it could control the relay as well. If there is no power on the tan and black wire, then there is a problem with the power to, or through the relay.



July, 16, 2010 AT 1:25 PM

Thank you for your help. I changed fuse block and all relay. So now its all fixed. Basically I didnt get power to rear unlock from fuse block.
Thank you very much.

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