Gas pump installation for Nissan Sentra 2001

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My car started giving me problems after I took it on a long road trip. It started overheating. At first they told me it needed a radiator flush, but I couldn't afford it so I kept driving it. After a few weeks, it wouldn't start, so a relative who is a mechanic told me it was the gas pump that needed to be replaced. I had a friend take out the old gas pump, so now the car doesn't have a gas pump at all. I had it towed to Pep Boys, and they started asking me for parts not even the dealership carried. Now I'm stuck with the car without a gas pump and have no idea how to get it running again. Is it possible to order a used gas pump online or is it only from the dealership that I can order it?
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Where's the old assembly?

Fuel pumps are part of an assembly and are a commonly-replaced item. All auto parts stores will have them or can order them. The question is whether it will come installed in a new housing already, or if it is just the pump and motor that has to be installed into the original housing. Often a new pump is available both ways.

There are other parts that may need to be removed, but they are not replaced. Since those are not commonly replaced, they will usually not be available at auto parts stores. Those will be dealer-only items, and even they may have to special-order them.

You can also find missing parts at a salvage yard, but if selling you a certain part renders the rest of the fuel tank unusable, you can expect to have to buy the entire tank. Often they will have a tank that was damaged in a crash so it's already unusable. They'll sell you parts from those very inexpensively.

The dealership can order any part that went into building the car, as long as it's still available. Normally it's Fords that parts aren't available after just a few years. They do a very poor job of supporting their products. Your car is 12 years old. That's a fairly long time to supply replacement parts so what you need may be no longer available from the manufacturer unless the same parts were used on much newer models. That's when a trip to the salvage yard is needed.

Auto repair shops routinely deal with the salvage yards too. All they have to do is figure out the parts that are needed or missing, then call the yard with their list. It may take a day to have someone remove them from the car, but then they often deliver them right to the repair shop.
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