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I have a Ford F-150, XLT 4-Wheel Drive that has a 302 c.I. Motor having almost 200,000 miles on it.
My question is: When I turn on the key, it doesn't activate the starter. All the lights come on and I can jump the solinode to start it. Everything works but the key switch doesn't activate anything. I just had all new electronics put in the column and switch. Now 30 days later this happens. I understand there is some sort of a aactivation rod that is in the column. I am mechanically inclined, but I have no diagrams of this Sterring column, and can only find diagrams of the switch, nothing else. This is the second time this has happended in the 15 years I've owned the truck. I'm just real uncomfortable taking this to someone to fix. Seems everytime I do it comes back with more problems, or it wasn't fixed right to begin with. Even at the Ford dealer where they replaced the real end, and the problem was an automatic front hub. Figure that one out. Can you give me some kind of direction here?
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Here's the procedure for removing and installing the ignition swich:

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Remove the steering column shroud and lower the steering column.

Disconnect the ignition switch electrical harness connector.

Remove the 2 nuts retaining the ignition switch to the steering column housing.

Lift the ignition switch upward to disengage the actuator rod from the switch and remove the switch.

To install:

When installing the ignition switch, both the locking mechanism at the top of the column and the switch itself must be in the LOCK position for correct adjustment. To hold the mechanical parts of the column in the LOCK position, move the shift lever into PARK (with automatic transmissions) or REVERSE (with manual transmissions), turn the key to the LOCK position, and remove the key. New replacement switches, when received, are already pinned in the LOCK position by a metal shipping pin inserted in a locking hole on the side of the switch.

Engage the actuator rod in the ignition switch.

Place the ignition switch on the steering column housing and loosely install the 2 retaining nuts.

Move the switch up or down along the column to locate the mid-position of the actuator rod lash, then tighten the retaining nuts to 47-64 inch lbs. (5-7 Nm).

Raise the steering column into position at instrument panel. Install steering column shroud.

Connect the negative battery cable.

Remove the locking pin, connect the negative battery cable, and verify that the engine will only crank in PARK and NEUTRAL. Also check to make certain that the start circuit cannot be actuated in the DRIVE and REVERSE positions.
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