1990 Ford F-150



December, 19, 2011 AT 7:02 PM

Recently the Steering Column Actuator failed on my son’s truck. I managed to get it replaced and everything works fine. However, I took some advice from the internet and cut the end off the actuator to get it in the slot before connecting the ignition rod. Now, the truck goes into gear, with or without the key in the ignition. I learned that the piece I cut off works the shift interlock. I feel this is unsafe, especially since this truck belongs to my 17 yo son. Anyway, I want to purchase another one and reinstall the correct way. My question is how do you install this the correct way? How do I remove that last piece of the column to properly install the column actuator? You can find pictures and videos of people replacing this all over the internet, but all of them cut the end off the actuator. How do I do this correctly?


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December, 19, 2011 AT 10:18 PM

Are you talking about replacing the solenoid that keeps you from turning the key off in any other position then park?



December, 20, 2011 AT 2:51 AM

No. Look at the attached image and you'll see what I replaced. Thanks.



December, 20, 2011 AT 4:35 PM

Mighta been cheaper and easier to replace whole column with used?



December, 20, 2011 AT 4:41 PM

Watch the first few minutes of this video and you'll understand what I'm talking about. This is what I did cutting off the end of the actuator. I want to redo it the correct way so the truck doesn t go into gear without the key on. But I don t understand how to get off the last piece of the column?



December, 25, 2011 AT 7:58 AM

Is vehicle with or without tilt steering?



December, 26, 2011 AT 5:01 AM

Tilt steering.



December, 26, 2011 AT 11:02 AM

I could only find the following information regarding removal from our database. Skip those that are not necessary. Hope ihe information is helpful.

Removal Without Key (Bronco, "E" & "F" Series With Tilt Steering)

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering column trim shrouds. Tape gap between steering wheel hub and cover casting. Pull out hazard flasher switch and tape it down toward vehicle floor to provide clearance for drilling out lock cylinder retainer pin.

2. Tilt column lock cylinder retaining pin is located on outside of steering column cover casting, adjacent to hazard flasher button. See Fig. 3. Tilt steering column to full up position and pre-punch lock cylinder retaining pin with center punch.

3. Using a right angle drill and a 1/8" (3.17 mm) drill bit, drill out the retaining pin. DO NOT drill deeper than 1/2" (12.7 mm). Tilt steering column to full down position. Place a chisel at base of ignition lock cylinder cap. Using a hammer, strike chisel with sharp blows to break cap away from ignition lock cylinder.

4. Using a 3/8" (9.8 mm) drill bit, drill down middle of ignition lock key slot approximately 1-3/4" (45 mm) until lock cylinder breaks loose from steering column cover casting. Remove ignition lock cylinder. Remove drill shavings from base of cover cast housing.

5. Remove steering wheel and pad. Remove turn signal lever from column and then remove 2 screws from turn signal switch. Remove one screw from key warning buzzer terminal. Lift turn signal switch up and over end of steering shaft but do not disconnect it from wiring harness.

6. Remove 4 screws from cover casting and lift casting over end of steering shaft, allowing turn signal switch to pass through cover casting. Remove upper actuator. Remove drive gear, snap ring, washer and upper actuator from cover casting. Ensure all components are cleaned and free of drill shavings.

NOTE: This procedure is used for removing ignition lock cylinder
when key is missing or cylinder is frozen.

CAUTION: When drilling out retaining pin, take care not to damage cover cast housing or hazard flasher switch.

NOTE: Removal of cover casting will expose upper actuator.

Installation Without Key (Bronco, "E" & "F" Series With Tilt Steering)

Lubricate tang of lock cylinder with grease. Attach upper actuator to lower actuator and lubricate upper actuator. Reassemble cover casting. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Using ignition key, rotate ignition lock cylinder to ensure correct mechanical operation in all positions. Ensure that START circuit cannot be actuated in Drive or Reverse positions.

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