1993 Ford F-150



August, 2, 2009 AT 10:21 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Just replaced starter not too long ago. After 2 weeks driving the truck, it won't start again. When ignition is turned on, it just clicks but engine won't turn. When I loosened the starter and put it back on, truck starts. If the problem is other than the starter, will this become a major repair? Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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August, 2, 2009 AT 2:47 PM

Shouldnt be too bad. Worst case is bad starter, bad battery, or bad solenoid/relay. Check the battery cables make sure they are tight and free of corosion. Make sure the cables on starter is tight. Try cleaning oil from the starter and the flance in the bellhousing where it bolts up to get a good ground.

Check to see if the battery is fully charged. Let me know.



August, 7, 2009 AT 12:11 AM

Hmm try try replacing your starter silanoid and also if it wen it wont work beat on it with a hammer o lie because somtime the starter wont engage it will just click and if it start after beating on it then you got urself a faulty starter iv bought to ne starter and bolth of them didnt work so I had to take them back for my 95

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