2001 Chrysler Town and Country replacing front Brake pads

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Brakes problem
2001 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

I need to replace front pads on my 2001 AWD. The dealer did this at 60,000 miles, so this is my first time. I have changed pads on various cars including my previous 1991 minivan. Can you provide some repair instruction or illustrations to help me? Where can I download the service manual instruction for free for this?

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Thursday, December 11th, 2008 AT 8:24 AM

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1. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the front tire and wheel assembly.
2. Remove the two brake caliper guide pin bolts.


Remove the disc brake caliper from the disc brake adapter and hang out of the way using wire or a bungee cord. Use care not to overextend the brake hose when doing this. Remove the brake pads from the disc brake caliper adapter.

Visually inspect brake pads for uneven lining wear. Also inspect for excessive lining deterioration. Check the clearance between the tips of the wear indicators on the pads (if equipped) and the brake rotors. If a visual inspection does not adequately determine the condition of the lining, a physical check will be necessary. To check the amount of lining wear, remove the disc brake pads. Measure each brake pad. The combined brake pad and its lining material thickness should be measured at its thinnest point. For front disc brake pads, when a set of brake pads are worn to a thickness of approximately 5/16" (7.95 mm), they should be replaced. Replace both disc brake pads (inboard and outboard) on each caliper. It is necessary to replace the pads on the opposite side of the vehicle as well as the pads failing inspection. If the brake pad assemblies do not require replacement, be sure to reinstall the brake pads in the original position they were removed from.

1. Place the brake pads in the adapter anti-rattle clips.
2. Completely retract the caliper piston back into the bore of the caliper.
3. Install the disc brake caliper over the brake pads on the brake caliper adapter.
4. Align the caliper guide pin bolt holes with the guide pins. Install the caliper guide pin bolts and tighten them to specification.
5. Install the tire and wheel assembly. Tighten wheel lug nuts to specification. Lower the vehicle. Pump the brake pedal several times. This will set the pads to the brake rotors.
6. Check and adjust the brake fluid level as necessary. Road test the vehicle and make several stops to wear off any foreign material on the brakes and to seat the brake pads.

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