1998 Chrysler Sebring white smoke

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 120,000 MILES
My chrysler sebring has begin to let out white smoke only when I take off, just a puff of white smoke on take off and then no more. The white smoke smells like sulfer. Just two months ago I had to have a new catalytic converter, fuel pump, MAP sensor, O2 sensor, and a complete distributor. I am having my plugs and wires changed monday. When my mechanic started to change the plugs he showed me that oil was dripping off the plug wires and said that my valve cover gaskets needed to be changed also. Should I be worried about the smoke?
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Saturday, March 21st, 2009 AT 7:06 PM

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I had a 1989 Le Baron (which you probably didn't know is the predecessor to the sebring, and I also now have a 1995 sebring myself) anywho about my Le Baron, it was nice, 2.2 Turbo 4 cylinder the works, anyway right one day I was going for a drive with one of my friends and he asked me what my car could do, so I floor it (I'm already going 30, but the tires spin anyway :-p) next thing I know is that I hear this loud thump against the back of my fire wall, I was thinking holy crap that was my engine jerking back, (those small vertical twin cams are know to jerk like that) I looked at it and it checked out fine.

Well a few months later I noticed that my tranny was clicking, simple fix, the flywhell was hitting my inspection plate, so I cut the rubbing section off, well then it starts to rub again, and I cut another peice off, but it just keeps getting worse, then about another months later I start to see this WHITE SMOKE ur talking about, only when I take off, what had happened it the exaust manifold was seperating from the block, long story short, that day when I floored it, I broke my engine mount, snapped it in half, and then that's all she wrote, a few days later I was lucky to get it to the junk yard where it sits today, sob story of a person who at the time was broke and couldn't take care of the only classic he might ever own ;-) lol

p.S. Ya I know my spelling sucks :-p
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Friday, April 10th, 2009 AT 11:30 PM

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