1988 Chrysler Le Baron



April, 26, 2008 AT 6:38 PM

Engine Performance problem
1988 Chrysler Le Baron 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80,000 miles

1988 Chry Lebaron Turbo Conv has been stored for 4 years. Appears Fuel pump failed due to fuel going bad over time. I am planning on changing fuel pump in tank, changing fuel filter and rubber fuel hoses.

Please advise further work I should do to restore fuel system.

Thank you in advance. &Quot; bagsworth"


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April, 26, 2008 AT 6:50 PM

You're on the right track and also you might want a fuel injection clean out-



April, 26, 2008 AT 6:52 PM

Well when you have the tank off to change pump make shure there is no schlack in the tank and make shure its good and clean. While the hoses are off of the fuel pump go to the engine bay and disconect those lines and blow back through them make shure they are all clear, (make shure fuel filter is also off when you do this!)That will take care of the lines.
Once you have have all the pump, filter, and lines back together put gas and a bottle of carb and injecter cleaner just in case. Check the oil make shure you put new oil in it. Check the air box. Mice love to build nests in the air box and ontop of the intake make shure you get rid of all that if there is some. Check your coolant, try to start it. If it starts watch it closely for leaks, etc you may end up with oil leaks and coolant leaks from the rubber lines and gaskets sitting and dry rotting replace if nessasary.
If it will still not start try taking fuel lines off at engine and going through throttle body or which ever that one has clean out all the junk.
Hopefully any of this will help
keep me upto date!

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