Brake lights always stay on

Electrical problem V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 202519 miles

Truck has daylight running lights but my brake lights stay on all the time only when I step on the pedal the lights brake lights go off, oh and the 4 way flashers work when ignition key is off but when I turn the ignition key on they stop working because brake lights are on all the time but when I step on the brake peddle the brake lights go off and then the 4 way hazard lights flash also. Any help will be greatly appreciated as it is my wife's pickup and she uses it to drive our handicapped son to school and I want to keep them safe

replaced the switch but before I put the new switch in I checked the brake lights and it was still on put the new one is and they were still on. Found the DRL fuse removed that thinking it could have been a cross in the wires, Traced the wires back and unplugged the wires going back to the tail lights( brake lights) and the lights went out. Now the silverado has the full package ie multifunction control ie directional cruise control and wiper controls and high and low beam control. I did pull the brake light fuse and the lights still stayed on. Then pulled the brake light relay under the hood and the brake lights went off. Put in a new relay and the brake lights came back on. Somewhere there is power going to the backlight relay under the hood but when the ignition key is off there is no power going to it.

Any ideas? Thanks Dash142
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Sunday, April 4th, 2010 AT 9:00 PM

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Hey Guys,

There is a brake light relay that is sticking on and needs to be replaced. It is located in the power distribution center under the hood, here is a wiring diagram that shows the relay.

Please run some tests and get back to us so we can continue helping you.

Best, Ken

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