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I have lost my diagram for the fuse panel. My back brake lights are not working. I am missing a couple fuses so I can not tell. Can you please tell me which fuse is for the lights. PLEASE help :)
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Monday, August 25th, 2008 AT 10:59 AM

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Here is some guides to help you test the fuses and relays.




Also I have found some diagrams that will help you get the problem fixed (BELOW)

Fuse & Circuit Breaker Identification

1 - Stop/Haz 20 Amp (Yellow) Stop/TCC Switch, Hazard Flasher, Seat Belt Reminder, Stoplights, CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Light)
2 - T Case (Not Used) Transfer Case
3 - CTSY 20 Amp (Yellow) Courtesy Lamps, Cargo Lamp, Glove Box Light, Power Mirrors, Dome/Reading Lamps, Vanity Mirrors
4 - Gauges 10 Amp (Red) DRL Relay, DRL Module Buzzer, Headlamp Switch, Keyless Entry, Cluster/Gauges, Low Coolant Module, Convenience Center Electrochromatic Rearview Mirror with Compass
5 - RR HVAC 10 Amp (Red) RR HVAC Controls
6 - Cruise 10 Amp (Red) Cruise Module, Cruise Activator Switch
7 - AUX PWR 25 Amp (Clear) Power Outlets (2)
8 - Crank 10 Amp (Red) Diesel Fuel Pump, DERM ECM (Air Bag), PCM
9 - Park Lamps 20 Amp (Yellow) License Plate Light, Park Lamps, Tail Lamps, Ashtray Lamp, Door Switch Illumination, Headlight ON Warning, Side Marker Fog Lamp Relay, Clearance Lights, Heater & A/C Illumination,
10 - Air Bag 10 Amp (Red) DERM (Air Bag)
11 - Wiper 25 Amp (Clear) Windshield Washer/Wiper
12 - HTR-A/C 25 Amp (Clear) L, M1, M2 Blower, HVAC Indicator Lamp, A/C Compressor, Mode/Temp/Air In Actuator, High Blower Relay, Transfer Case
13 - CIG LTR 20 Amp (Yellow) Cigar Lighter, Power Amplifier, Door Lock Relay, Power Lumbar Seat, Rear Lift Glass
14 - ILLUM 10 Amp (Red) 4WD Indicator Lamp, Cluster, HVAC Controls, Chime Module, Radio Illumination, Instrument Panel Switches, RR HVAC Controls
15 - DRL-FOG 20 Amp (Yellow) DRL Relay, Fog Lamps
16 - Turn B/U 20 Amp (Yellow) Front Turn, RR Turn, Trailer Turn, Back-up Lamps, BTSI (Brake/Transmission Shift Interlock) Solenoid
17 - Radio 10 Amp (Red) Radio (IGN)
18 - Brake 10 Amp (Red) DRAC, 4WAL/PCM, ABS, Cruise
19 - Radio 10 Amp (Red) Radio (BATT)
20 - Acc/Ign 10 Amp (Red) PRNDL, Auto Transmission, Speedometer, Check Gauges, Tell Tale
21 - Not Used
22 - Not Used
23 - Not Used
24 - 4WD 25 Amp (Clear) 4X4 Models Front Axle Actuator, 4WD Indicator Lamp, TP2 Relay, Hour Meter (7Y4 Option)
A - PWR ACCY 20 Amp - C/K Reg. & Ext. Cab (Circuit Breaker) Power Door Lock, 6 Way Power Seat, Keyless Entry Module 30 Amp - C/K Crew Cab (Circuit Breaker) Power Door Lock, 6 Way Power Seat, Keyless Entry Module
B - PWR WDOS 20 Amp - C/K Reg. & Ext. Cab (Circuit Breaker) Power Windows 30 Amp - C/K Crew Cab (Circuit Breaker) Power Windows


1 - Spare
2 - STOP 30 Amp Maxifuse (Green) Stop Lamps
3 - A/C 50 Amp Maxifuse (Red) High Blower Relay, Rear Blower Relay
4 - ABS 60 Amp Maxifuse (Blue) ABS Module
5 - IGN B 50 Amp Maxifuse (Red) 50 Amp IGN B Switch, Go To Fuse Block Busbar
6 - IGN A 40 Amp Maxifuse (Amber) IGN A Switch, Go To Fuse Block Bus Bar
7 - BATTERY 50 Amp Maxifuse (Red) Battery, Fuse Block Bus Bar
8 - LIGHTING 50 Amp Maxifuse (Red) Headlamp & Panel Dimmer Switch, Fog Lights, Courtesy Lights
9 - 30 Amp (Green)
10 - 30 Amp (Green)
11 - 10 Amp (Red) Spare
12 - 20 Amp (Yellow) Spare
13 - 30 Amp (Green) Spare
14 - Not Used
15 - A/C COMP 10 Amp (Red) SW A/C Pressure to A/C Clutch
16 - HORN 20 Amp (Yellow) Horn, Underhood Lamps
17 - ECM B 20 Amp (Yellow) Fuel Pump, PCM
18 - Not Used
19 - AUX FAN 30 Amp (Green) Aux. Fan
20 - RR- DEFOG 30 Amp (Green) RR DEFOG
21 - ENG 1 20 Amp (Yellow) IGN A Switch to Engine Loads, EGR, Canister Purge EVRV Idle Coast Solenoid, Heated O2 Sensor, Fuel Heater, Water Sensor
22 - ECM 1 20 Amp (Yellow) Injector #1, Injector #2, PCM
23 - FUEL SOL 20 Amp (Yellow) Fuel Solenoid (Diesel Engine Only)
24 - Not Used
25 - Not Used
26 - IGN E 10 Amp (Red) Aux Fan Relay Coil, Hot Fuel Module
27 - Not Used
28 - Not Used
29 - GLOW PLUGS 10 Amp (Red) Glow Plugs (Diesel Engine Only)
30 - Not Used
31 - Not Used
32 - Not Used
A - 30 Amp
B - 30 Amp UY1, UY7 Camper/Trailer Wiring
C - Brake Lamp Relay
D - Horn Relay
E - Auxiliary Fan Relay
F - A/C Relay
G - Fuel Pump Relay

Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.

Cheers, Ken

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Friday, May 19th, 2017 AT 1:51 PM
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I had a stock fusable link burn up on me. It is on the second from left post in my junction block. Does anyone have a diagram for 5.7 junction block. It's is not the ctsy fuse or the alternator. When I replace the fusable link it started and then the next time nothing. Some cargo light and running lights are still working. I am thinking it may be the ignition but would really like to see a diagram or hear from someone before I go about taking it out of the column
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Friday, May 19th, 2017 AT 1:53 PM (Merged)
The one i'm sending is fo rthe power dist system which could effect starting see if it's getting power and if not see why it is blowing by checking for a draw. It should be the same size as listed otherwise it may be to small also check your ignition switch it could also be just aplain old bad starter.
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Friday, May 19th, 2017 AT 1:53 PM (Merged)

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